Faculty Staff Directory

Name Phone Department
Robert McDaniel ramcdaniel@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Electrical
Richard McDowell lmcdowell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4623 Performing Arts Center
Maya McGinnis mmcginnis@deltastate.edu 662-846-4430 General Library
Gregory McKinney gmckinney@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Tanya McKinney tmckinney@deltastate.edu 662-846-4244 Math and Sciences
Kimberly Mcleod kmcleod@deltastate.edu 662-846-4110 Speech & Hearing Sciences
Ian McMahen Not Available 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Gwendolyn Meador gmeador@deltastate.edu 662-846-4180 Accountancy
Michaela Merryday mmerryday@deltastate.edu 661-846-4720 Art
Heather Miller hmiller@deltastate.edu 662-846-4804 Grants and Contracts Office
Sheila Millican smillican@deltastate.edu 662-846-4216 Commercial Aviation
Samantha Milum smilum@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Director Facilities Management
Don Mitchell amitchell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature
April Mondy amondy@deltastate.edu 662-846-4190 Management, Marketing & Bus Admin
Daniel Montgomery dcmontgo@deltastate.edu 662-846-4219 Management, Marketing & Bus Admin
Danny Moore dmoore@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Event Management
Luke Moore lmoore@deltastate.edu 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Valarie Morgan vmorgan@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature
Rebecca Morrill rmorrill@deltastate.edu 662-846-4473 Enrollment Management
Michael Morris Not Available 662-846-4740 Maintenance of Grounds Horticulture
Toni Morrison thmorrison@deltastate.edu 662-846-4697 Student Business Services
Carol Moses cmoses@deltastate.edu 662-846-4276 Nursing
Michael Mounce mmounce@deltastate.edu 662-846-4457 General Library
Laurie Muffley lmuffley@deltastate.edu 662-846-4455 General Library
James Mullen jmullen@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 HVAC
Amanda Mullins cmullins@deltastate.edu 662-846-4909 Alumni
Richard Munroe rmunroe@deltastate.edu 662-846-4706 Foundation
Daniel Murray dmurray@deltastate.edu 662-846-4718 Swimming
Hayley Murrell hhmurrell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4010 Vice President for Academic Affairs
Avis Neal aneal@deltastate.edu 662-846-4688 Enrollment Management
Andinesha Neely asneely@deltastate.edu 662-846-4315 Child Development Center
Sheila Negrete snegrete@deltastate.edu 662-846-4320 Child Development Center
Margaret Newcomb mnewcomb@deltastate.edu 662-846-4405 Dean of College of Education
Michael Nienaber mnienaber@deltastate.edu 662-846-4461 Mens Basketball
Andrew Novobilski anovobilski@deltastate.edu 662-846-4010 Vice President for Academic Affairs
Damian Odunze dodunze@deltastate.edu 662-846-4065 Social Science
Cetin Oguz coguz@deltastate.edu 662-846-4720 Art
Christine Okeke cokeke@deltastate.edu 662-846-4700 Dean of School of Graduate Studies
Donna Ossorio dossorio@deltastate.edu 662-846-4065 Social Science
Kelsey Overstreet koverstreet@deltastate.edu 662-846-4320 Family & Consumer Science
Mary Bess Pannel mpannel@deltastate.edu 662-846-4392 Counselor Education & Psychology
Mary Bess Pannel mpannel@deltastate.edu 662-846-4392 Counselor Education & Psychology
Rebecca Parker rparker@deltastate.edu 662-846-4205 Commercial Aviation
Kyle Partridge kpartridge@deltastate.edu 662-846-4566 Intramural Athletics
Eric Patten epatten@deltastate.edu 662-846-4555 Health & Physical Ed & Recreation
Lewon Payne lpayne@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Carpentry
Victoria Peay vpeay@deltastate.edu 662-846-4796 Social Work
Jonathan Person Not Available 662-846-4205 Commercial Aviation
Elizabeth Phelps ecphelps@deltastate.edu 662-846-4896 Student Success Center
Joi Phillips jphillips@deltastate.edu 662-846-4447 General Library