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The Delta State Experience

My 4 years spent at Delta State University have been an unforgettable experience. I have had the opportunity to represent the green and white on the swim and dive team for all 4 years. I have made so many great friendships with people from different states and from different countries. As an international student myself, it has been amazing to learn about different cultures through my teammates. Not only have I learned the cultures of those from Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, etc, but I have also been experiencing the culture of the South. I have had the pleasure to taste the best barbecue and sweet tea and experience Southern hospitality first-hand. This University is not just a school, but it is a family. It is my home away from home. One of the things that really stood out to me at DSU is the family atmosphere and the support across campus. It is indescribable the emotions that I have felt to have the President of the University and other faculty members supporting me at swim meets and cheering me on. One of my favorite memories is when President LaForge jumped into the pool with us to celebrate at Conference when the men’s team won and the women’s team was runner-up. You do not see this at other campuses, which makes Delta State rise above the rest.
I am very thankful for the opportunities that Delta State has given me to help me grow as a student, an athlete, and as a person. The staff will do whatever it takes to help you to be successful. There are also many opportunities across campus for students if they are looking to get involved. I have had the privilege to hold leadership positions across campus, including being a part of numerous honor societies, an academic tutor, the SGA Director of International Affairs, and the SGA Vice-President. Delta State has given me the opportunity to grow and have the University grow with me. I would not change my experience at Delta State for anything. Thank you Delta State and as always… GO DSU!

Madison (Maddy) LavoieClass of 2022

My experience at Delta State was more than I could have imagined. I came to Delta State with the intention to obtain a degree within four years. To my delight, I was able to get my degree and so much more during my four-year tenure here.
I was able to create bonds with faculty in the College of Business and Aviation and with staff across campus. I also learned that I was a leader at Delta State through my involvement in academic, religious, and social organizations. I was also offered the opportunity to have multiple internships in both the public and private sectors. Overall, my time at Delta State was very rewarding, and I was prepared to start my career after graduating.

Synethia MathewsClass of 2022

As a 2021 graduate at Delta State University from Louisiana, I'm excited to use my education degree in the areas of special education and physical education. During my time at Delta State, I was a football player, which guided my career to education and coaching. The reason I chose to go into education was because I have a love for passing my gained knowledge to youth and helping others shape their future. I had teachers that devoted themselves to me and taught me the right way to study and how to get the most out of my education. I always wanted to be an educator and never hesitated when choosing my major.

I view myself as a role model because I am an African American male, former collegiate athlete, and an honor student. I want to be a positive role model for youth because they so desperately need one. I want to show them that hard work and fun can go hand in hand. I always want to help students achieve their goals that they thought they could not achieve. I want to bring the best out of each student and help them realize his/her true potential in the classroom.

Dante WilliamsClass of 2021

I toured Delta State University in the fall of my senior year of high school. Right after the visit, my new favorite color was definitely green! I fell in love with the campus. I immediately felt this sense of family—of home. As I reminisce on that day, my mind is blown at what all Delta State has given me. I am now a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education with endorsements in multiple subjects. I am a member of Phi Mu Fraternity, a Delta Diplomat, a member of the Student Alumni Association, as well as a member of several other organizations. This university has opened a plethora of doors for me and has given me opportunity after opportunity to be a part of things much bigger than myself. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most incredible people, not only students but faculty members as well. The relationships I have formed are incomparable to any others. I’m not just another number here. This is by far one of the best decisions I ever made. This is my home—one of my absolute favorite places. This is Delta State, and I am proud to be a fighting Okra!

Cole HollisClass of 2023

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