University Admissions Team

Sydney Pittman, Interim Director of Admissions

Sydney Pittman

Director of Admissions

Carley Brown, Assistant Director for Operations

Carley Brown

Assistant Director for Operations

Avis Neal Jr., Assistant Director for Recruitment

Avis Neal Jr.

Assistant Director for Recruitment

Kiara Adams, Admissions Recruiter

Kira Adams

Community College Relations Coordinator

Kenyata Beller, Admissions Recruiter

Kenyata Beller

Undergraduate Recruiter

Arianna Chestnut, Admissions Recruiter

Arianna Chestnut

Undergraduate Recruiter

Nikki Lipe, Admissions Recruiter

Nikki Lipe

Transfer Recruiter

Christine Okeke, Graduate Admissions Recruiter

Christine Okeke

Graduate Recruiter

Amber Dillard, Admissions Operations Specialist

Amber Dillard

Admissions Operations Specialist

Katy Koehler

Admissions Operations Specialist

Rebecca Morrill, Admissions Clerk

Rebecca Morrill

Admissions Operations Specialist

Elisha Jones, University Concierge

Elisha Jones

University Concierge