Faculty Staff Directory

Name Phone Department
Henri Byrd hbyrd@deltastate.edu 662-846-4422 Accountancy
Travis Calvin tcalvin@deltastate.edu 662-846-4579 Delta Music Institute
Polly Cameron acameron@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Angela Campbell acampbell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4255 Nursing
Kristin Campbell bcampbell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4007 Procurement
Rogel Campbell rcampbell@deltastate.edu 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Sher'Creshia Cannon Not Available 662-822--2753 Child Development Center
Dawn Carver dcarver@deltastate.edu 662-846-4760 Office of Information Technology
Carolyn Casale ccasale@deltastate.edu 662-846-4370 Teacher Education
Porsche Chambers pchambers@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Student Union
Cameron Chapman cchapman@deltastate.edu 662-846-4020 Enrollment Management
Casey Charles cbourgoyne@deltastate.edu 662-846-4288 Softball Women
Susan Chow schow@deltastate.edu 662-846-4046 Procurement
Devin Christian dchristian@deltastate.edu 662-846-4040 Registrar
Charles Clark docsoman@gmail.com 662-846-4521 Biological Sciences, Geospatial Information Technology
Kristina Claunch kclaunch@deltastate.edu 662-846-4455 General Library
Connie Clay cclay@deltastate.edu 662-846-4315 Family & Consumer Science
Craig Clemons cclemons@deltastate.edu 662-846-4809 Custodial Services
Lauren Coker-Durso lcokerdurso@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature
Timothy Colbert tcolbert@deltastate.edu 662-846-4555 Health & Physical Ed & Recreation
Claire Cole ccole@deltastate.edu 662-846-4000 Office of the President
James Cole lcole@deltastate.edu 662-846-4705 Foundation
Jontil Coleman jcoleman@deltastate.edu 662-846-4887 Student Success Center
Judith Coleman jccoleman@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature
Pamela Collier pcollier@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Brandy Collins bcollins@deltastate.edu 662-846-4442 Instructional Resources
Shelley Collins scollins@deltastate.edu 662-846-4617 Music
Neil Conner nconner@deltastate.edu 662-846-4065 Social Science
David Cook dcook@deltastate.edu 662-846-4355 Counselor Education & Psychology
Lisa Cooley lcooley@deltastate.edu 662-846-4190 Management, Marketing & Bus Admin
Todd Cooley tcooley@deltastate.edu 662-846-4300 Football
Travis Cooper tcooper@deltastate.edu 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Maria Correa mcorrea@deltastate.edu 662-846-4410 Field Experience
Steven Cowser scowser@deltastate.edu 662-846-4060 Languages & Literature
Deborah Cox dcox@deltastate.edu 662-846-4665 Foundation
Edwin Craft ecraft@deltastate.edu 662-846-4760 Office of Information Technology
Jacqueline Craven jcraven@deltastate.edu 662-846-4303 Teacher Education
Benjamin Crawford bcrawford@deltastate.edu 662-846-4300 Student Success Center
Cheryl Cummins ccummins@deltastate.edu 662-846-4405 Field Experience
John Cummins mcummins@deltastate.edu 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Jasmine Cunningham jcunningham@deltastate.edu 662-846-4035 Human Resource
Charnessa Curb clcurb@deltastate.edu 662-846-4065 Social Science
Emily Dabney edabney@deltastate.edu 662-846-4040 Registrar
Jamie Dahman jdahman@deltastate.edu 662-846-4124 Music
Sofiya Dahman sdahman@deltastate.edu 662-846-4440 General Library
Jerry Dallas jdallas@deltastate.edu 662-846-4176 Social Science
Corrie Dalrymple cdalrymple@deltastate.edu 662-846-4555 Health & Physical Ed & Recreation
Rebecca Daniels bdaniels@deltastate.edu 662-846-4268 Nursing
Trebia Daniels tdaniels@deltastate.edu 662-846-4328 Child Development Center
Dexter Davis ddavis@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Maintenance of Grounds Horticulture