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DSU Online is a convenient way to take care of business online for Faculty, Staff, and Students. Within DSU Online students can register for classes, check grades, view unofficial transcripts, pay for tuition, and more. Faculty members can advise students, post grades, view advisees transcripts and more. Students can use these links to access the Student Handbook and to access all policies, including grievance procedures, grading, and refund policies, in the University Policy Manual. Canvas is the University’s new learning management system (LMS).  All online courses and content will be delivered from Canvas beginning June 2013.  For additional resources and assistance with Canvas please visit more information.

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OKRAmail is Delta State University’s student email system where every DSU student has a unique email address. This e-mail address is your lifeline to the University and will be the means for official communication between DSU students and the campus including Faculty, Administration, and fellow students.
Login Login The Okra Kard is the student’s official identification card and is also used for door access, pay for print, Okra Green debit accounts, access to activities, and meal plans.

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* Currently access to Web Banner is only available for ON-CAMPUS use
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Webmail is Delta State University’s online access for Faculty and Staff email. Faculty and Staff can check their email from anywhere they have internet access.

Stay Okra Strong (S.O.S.) early-alert is a system to identify and assist at-risk students through organized outreach. Faculty, staff, and students may refer a student by completing the S.O.S. form. Once the form is submitted, the Student Success team is alerted and the Delta State University Student Success Advisor will follow-up with the next steps.  ArgosYou need access to information in order to make better and more timely decisions. Argos is Delta State’s web reporting tool that provides a single, feature rich, user friendly, easily implemented tool.

*Currently access to Argos is only available for ON-CAMPUS use