Faculty Staff Directory

Name Phone Department
Lisa Lacy llacy@deltastate.edu 662-846-4315 Family & Consumer Science
William LaForge president@deltastate.edu 662-846-4000 Office of the President
Bevin Lamb blamb@deltastate.edu 662-846-4150 Student Affairs
James Lamb mlamb@deltastate.edu 662-846-4155 Police Department
Lynne Lambdin llambdin@deltastate.edu 662-846-4432 General Library
Austin Land aland@deltastate.edu 662-846-4155 Police Department
Kristen Land kland@deltastate.edu 662-846-4898 Developmental Studies
Janesia Landown jslandown@deltastate.edu 662-846-4630 CARES
Joseph Lane jlane@deltastate.edu 662-846-4120 Social Science
Andrew Leach gleach@deltastate.edu 662-846-4670 Admin Information Technology Servcs
Roger Lewis rlewis@deltastate.edu 662-846-4155 Police Department
Terrence Liddell tliddell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4638 Postal Services & Copy Center
Paula Lindsey plindsey@deltastate.edu 662-846-4623 Performing Arts Center
Michael Little mwlittle@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 HVAC
Richard Little ralittle@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Maintenance of Grounds Horticulture
Charlotte Litton clitton@deltastate.edu 662-846-4699 University Accounting
Rhonda Loper rloper@deltastate.edu 662-846-4041 Registrar
Kathleen Lott klott@deltastate.edu 662-846-4368 Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research
Julie Lowery jlowery@deltastate.edu 662-846-4382 Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research
Rebekah Lyons rlyons@deltastate.edu 901-275--1100 Foundation Hall Student Housing
Matthew Mabus mmabus@deltastate.edu 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Bradly MacNealy bmacnealy@deltastate.edu 662-846-6083 Commercial Aviation
Janie Magee jmagee@deltastate.edu 662-846-4111 Speech & Hearing Sciences
Elise Mallette emallette@deltastate.edu 662-846-4574 Student Success Center
Patricia Malone pmalone@deltastate.edu 662-846-4675 Communications & Marketing
Lesley Mancini lmancini@deltastate.edu 662-846-4110 Speech & Hearing Sciences
Brittany Mann bkmann@deltastate.edu 662-846-4440 Instructional Resources
Chrisa Mansell cmansell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4050 Institutional Research
William Mansell kmansell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4566 Swimming Pool & Recr Facilities
Andrea Marble amarble@deltastate.edu 662-846-4240 Biological Sciences
Andrea Marble amarble@deltastate.edu 662-846-4240 Biological Sciences
Douglas Mark dmark@deltastate.edu 662-846-4607 Music
Christian Marquez Bandala Not Available 662-303--8873 Foundation Hall Student Housing
Melissa Marshall mjoiner@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Custodial Services
Luis Martinez lmartinez@deltastate.edu 662-846-4475 Math and Sciences
Michelle Mathews mmathews@deltastate.edu 662-846-4370 Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research
Michelle Matthews mmatthew@deltastate.edu 662-846-4189 Accountancy
Pamela Maxwell pmaxwell@deltastate.edu 662-846-4370 Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research
Ronald Mayers rmayers@deltastate.edu 662-846-4300 Athletic Director
Neetu Mayeux lmayeux@deltastate.edu 662-846-4760 Admin Information Technology Servcs
Elbert Mays emays@deltastate.edu 662-846-4740 Maintenance of Buildings & Grounds
Charles McAdams cmcadams@deltastate.edu 662-846-4010 Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ouida McAfee omcafee@deltastate.edu 662-846-4760 Office of Information Technology
Charlotte McCain cbrunetti@deltastate.edu 662-846-4364 Counselor Education & Psychology
Christopher McCain clmccain@deltastate.edu 662-846-4155 Police Department
Diane McCall dmccall@deltastate.edu 662-846-4720 Art
Vida McCarty Not Available 662-846-4630 CARES
Margaret McClain mmcclain@deltastate.edu 662-846-4100 Dean of College of Arts and Science
Eugene McClure tmcclure@deltastate.edu 662-846-6084 Commercial Aviation
William McCluskey Not Available 662-846-4514 Geospatial Information Technology