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Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines

Welcome to the Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines for Faculty and Staff! Human Resources develops and maintains the University’s job posting and applicant tracking systems, as well as procedures to assist University departments in the recruitment of a diverse workforce. The purpose of the information provided on this page is to eliminate the guesswork during the recruitment and hiring process. Listed below are the items available for your reference and use. We have provided a short explanation for each item as well as a link to take you to the document or page you would like to access.

Effective May 1, 2012, DSU will only accept applications on-line through our on-line job posting and applicant tracking system. Job postings remain open a minimum of five calendar days. Job postings that do not include closing dates, may close at any time of the day once the minimum posting period is met and by mutual agreement between Human Resources and the hiring department. DSU’s online application portal allows 24/7 access to DSU jobs.

Interview Guidelines– This document is the step-by-step employee search guide to be used as a reference for search committees. It includes example interview questions, reference check forms, search committee code of ethics, legal issues, job competencies, etc. (Human Resources had previously distributed this information in a black 3-ring binder titled, “Human Resources Strategic Training Seminar”.)

PeopleAdmin – This is DSU’s job posting and applicant tracking site. PeopleAdmin will establish and maintain an automated internet based system for processing requisitions and accepting applications for employment.

Posting Procedures and Hiring Process for Staff Positions – This is a step-by-step guide from posting procedures to completing the Employment Action Form (EAF).This document will provide direction as to what to provide to Human Resources and is a great reference for determining the next step to be taken.  For information regarding offer letters for all staff positions, please contact Human Resources.

Posting Procedures and Hiring Process for Faculty Positions-This is a step-by-step guide from posting procedures to completing the Employment Action Form (EAF). This document will provide direction as to what to provide to Human Resources and is a great reference for determining the next step to be taken.

Recruitment Budget Guidelines
-The Office of Human Resources created this form to provide guidance to those departments who will be requesting funding from the Human Resource Budget to assist them with their candidate interview expenses. This includes meals, lodging, travel, etc. This budget is mainly used for recruitment of tenure-track faculty, however, in some cases may be used for recruitment of non-tenure track faculty or a staff member. Contact Human Resources to determine if the open position qualifies.

Interview Budget Estimate Template
-This is an excel spreadsheet that should be completed and submitted to Human Resources for review and approval when funding is being requested for interview candidates.  Please carefully review the Recruitment Budget Guidelines before completing this form.

Below are links to letter templates. Modified letters from the formats below must be approved by Human Resources.

All offer letters for faculty positions are generated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and offer letters for staff positions are generated by the Office of Human Resources.  Please contact the appropriate office for information.

Declination letters for candidates who are not interviewed are send via the PeopleAdmin application system.  Departments are responsible for sending declination letters to all candidates interviewed for open positions.

Declination letter for faculty (face-to-face interview)

Declination letter for faculty (phone interview only)

Declination letter for Staff or hourly (face-to-face interview)

Declination letter for Staff or hourly (phone interview only)