Finance and Administration

Delta State University Guest Apartments

Delta State University offers accommodation for DSU guests in our Cassity Hall Apartments. Reservations are made for university sponsored events. To reserve these apartments, approval must be obtained from the department sponsoring the event.  Please complete the reservation form and email to address below or mail to Joyce Shelton, Kent Wyatt Hall, Room 217.
Cassity Hall is a 2 bedroom apartment which will accommodate up to 3 guests.  Bedroom #1 provides one full bed.  Bedroom #2 consists of 2 single beds.
Rental Rate:
$75.00 per night
Guests staying five (5) nights or more have the option of paying the reduced rate of $60 per night.  With this reduced rate, your apartment will be cleaned once a week instead of the daily cleaning.  Please indicate on reservation form whether or not you wish to take advantage of this reduced rate.
Please contact Joyce Shelton at ext 4004 or email for reservations.