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University Faculty/Staff Apartments

University Apartments is a new residential facility constructed for the exclusive use of Delta State faculty and staff. The facility consists of two separate units, each containing sixteen apartments. The units are separated by a landscaped courtyard. The primary entrance to the apartments is directly off Canal Avenue across from the new campus fitness trail. Parking is provided. Each unit is fully equipped with contemporary, energy-efficient appliances. The apartments are conveniently located near dining and recreational facilities.

Delta State University Apartment and Residence Policy

The University’s primary purpose in owning rental property shall be to provide transitional housing to faculty and staff unable to obtain affordable housing in the Cleveland community. The secondary purpose of owning rental property shall be to improve the attractiveness of the property on or near the campus.

First priority for open residences and apartments shall be given to new faculty and staff. The maximum length of stay is three years. Extensions will be considered based on availability. A one year extension may be granted if there is a vacancy and no employee or university partner has been placed on the waiting list of potential tenants.

The following individuals are eligible for tenancy in priority order:

1.    Newly recruited faculty and staff
2.    Currently employed faculty and staff
3.    Employees of university business partners
4.    Visiting professor appointees

Rental rates for university housing will be adjusted annually for inflation or other market factors. All rental income will be reinvested in order to maintain and improve the structures. Delta State will sell or raze unattractive residences which cannot be maintained in good condition without considerable investment.

Faculty and staff renting residences or apartments will be required to sign rental agreements. A refundable deposit will be required. Failure to pay rent or comply with other terms of the rental agreement may lead to eviction.

Application for University Housing

To apply for Faculty and Staff University Housing please complete a University Apartment Application and return to Joyce Shelton at KWH 217 or email as attachment to