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Employment Information

Conditions of Employment

All new employees are required by the provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 to complete a government form I-9 before, or immediately following employment. This form attests to the individual’s eligibility for employment in the United States. Certain specific documents which will prove your eligibility for employment in this country must be presented to Human Resources, such as a valid driver’s license and social security card, valid passport, or birth certificate.
Employment during the first six months of service is on probationary basis for non-instructional personnel.

Probationary Period

All non-instructional employees will be in a probationary status for a minimum period of six months from the date of employment. This period is to be utilized by the supervisor for observing the employee’s work and for rejecting any employee whose performance does not meet required work standards. Continuation of employment beyond the six months signifies automatic removal of probationary status unless extended by the employee’s supervisor. Probationary employees may be terminated at any time during the probationary period. Probationary employees do not have access to the grievance procedure, but are eligible for fringe benefits.
At the end of the employee’s probationary period, the department supervisor will evaluate the employee and request that the employee be removed from probationary status. An Authorization for Removal from Probationary Status Form is used for this purpose. The probationary period may be extended one time upon written request and justification from the administrative officer of the department. The request must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Finance and the appropriate Vice President when it pertains to his/her staff. The completed form should be returned by the department supervisor to the Human Resource Department and becomes part of the employees’ records.

Outside Employment

The Board of Trustees adopted the following policy on September 12, 1978, regarding outside employment:
Institutional members of the faculty and staff are permitted to engage in outside employment, provided permission is first obtained from the Executive Head of the Institution concerned, and provided further, that the Executive Head of the Institution concerned shall grant permission to engage in outside employment only after having first determined that the said outside employment will interfere in no way with the institutional duties of the individual requesting such permission.
In addition, these individuals will not engage in a business or profession that would in any manner compete with a similar business or profession over which they would have direct supervision, inspection, or purchasing authority within the university or agency, such being a conflict of interest.
Faculty and staff members desiring to engage in outside employment or practice of profession should complete an application available in Human Resources and submit to their department chair/supervisor and forward through administrative channels to the President. Approval is required annually by September 15.

Identification Cards “Okra Kard”

Identification cards are issued to all employees. This identification card serves to identify employees of the University for credit references, bookstore purchases, library use, as well as for other purposes. Identification cards are also used for door access
Activity cards, available at a small fee per fiscal year for the employee and immediate family members, provide general admission to athletic games and use of the swimming pool, tennis courts, and racquetball courts. Payroll deduction is available for deposits to the Okra Green debit account. This debit account can be shared between family members and can be used as a debit card where Okra Green is accepted on campus. (For example, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Aramark Food Services, and concession stands)

Payroll Information

Direct deposit is required for all monthly and bi-weekly employees. Salaried employees are paid on the last working day of the calendar month. Direct deposits for December are normally issued on the last working day before Winter holidays begin. The check stub will be mailed through campus mail for bi-weekly employees and emailed for all monthly employees. Direct deposit forms are available on the Human Resources’ website or by obtaining a form from the Human Resource Office.

Wage employees are paid bi-weekly, with pay periods ending on Saturday. Checks will be direct deposited by the following Friday.

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