Human Resources

New Employees

Getting Started

Parking: All DSU employees are required to register their vehicles and purchase a parking permit.  Please see the University Police Department website for information and directions.

Okra Kard: As a new employee, you will receive an identification card, known as an Okra Kard.  These will be picked up after your first day of work in Student Business Services.  In addition to being your employee identification, there are additional features of your Okra Kard listed below in the benefits section.

Employee Benefits

All DSU employees receive a variety of benefits.  Some are listed below, and you can click on each link for more information.

  • Earning Personal & Medical Leave
  • Paid Holiday Days off throughout the year
  • Employee Tuition Remission: All benefit-eligible employees are eligible to take some classes at DSU tuition-free.  This benefit allows eligible employees to take up to 6 credits each fall and spring and 3 credits each summer term.  For complete details, please click the link above.  An application form will need to be completed each semester and can be found on the HR Forms page.
    • Spouses of eligible DSU employees also qualify for the Spouse Tuition Remission program with the same benefits as qualifying employees.
    • Dependent children of eligible DSU employees also qualify for a 50% reduction in tuition.  The link above has complete details of the policy.
  • Additional Okra Kard Benefits:
    • Okra Green Anywhere: Your Okra Kard can be used as a pre-paid spending account at locations on campus and some in the community, such as food vendors and the DSU Bookstore
    • Faculty/Staff Activity Cards: If you choose to purchase this benefit, then your Okra Kard functions as an activity card as well to give you and your immediate family members access to on-campus recreational facilities at the Forrest E. Wyatt Gym as well as admitting you to most regular-season athletic events.  This benefit is purchased at Student Business Services for an annual fee.


Important DSU Policies

All DSU policies can be found and searched on our website here:    Some important policies to be aware of and take note are:


Around Cleveland

For more information about the Cleveland community and events around town, please see the following resources:

  • Bologna Performing Arts Center – Visit here for information about all the exciting shows and events on campus at our performing arts center
  • Visit Cleveland MS has information about events around town
  • Visit the Delta has information about attractions and events inthe Delta region and locally
  • There are several groups on Facebook and sites for local events and with local information including:
    • Visit Cleveland Mississippi – hosted by the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce
    • Cleveland, MS Farmers Market
    • Octoberfest held downtown each October
    • Crosstie Arts & Jazz Festival held on the courthouse grounds each spring