University Police

Parking on Campus

The Board of Trustees and State Institutions of Higher Learning of Mississippi, approved the establishment of the following traffic rules and regulations for the control, direction, parking, and general regulations of traffic for all motor vehicles on the campus of Delta State University.

These regulations are an official part of General University Administrative Regulations which all students and employees, by their enrollment or acceptance of employment, are subject to.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits

Students and employees who park their motor vehicles on the campus must register their vehicles with the Delta State Police Department and purchase a parking permit. The University will not be responsible for providing parking spaces for registered vehicles, nor can the University be held responsible for any damages to vehicles or occupants while vehicles are on campus.

1. Register Your Vehicle

Online motor vehicle registration is fast and easy. You must register your vehicle before a parking permit (decal) may be obtained. Accurately provide the following information for vehicle registration:

  • Delta State 900# ID (not your SSN)
  • Driver’s License #
  • Local address and email address
  • License plate number of vehicle being registered
  • Make, model, color and year of vehicle being registered
  • Vehicle owner’s information if different from driver’s
Register Vehicle



2. Paying for Your Permit

Permit fees:

  • Full year: $42.00 (Fall, Spring and Summer) *Please note the $2.00 service fee.


You must pay for your permit online using a debit or credit card during vehicle registration.


Employees may pay online with a debit or credit card but also have the option to pay for their permits with payroll deduction in two payments of $21, the first in September and the second in October.

Employee permits are for the use of Delta State University employees ONLY. Therefore, a family member or significant other may not use Employee permits.

Payroll Deductions Are Only Available August 1st – August 31, 2023

3. Pick Up Your Permit

Once you have completed your vehicle registration, your parking permit will be processed and ready for pick up from UPD in Bailey #108. All vehicles must have a 2023-2024 permit by September 1st. Previous year permits (AY 22-23) expire August 31, 2023.


  • A vehicle parking permit is effective from the date of purchase until the expiration date on the permit.
  • Permanently affix permits to the outside lower left corner of the rear window, left rear bumper, or to the fender of motorcycles.
  • The cost of an Employee or Student parking permit is $42.00.
  • ONLY Delta State employees may purchase Employee permits. No family member nor any other person may use an Employee permit. Persons occupying on-campus housing who are not a student, contractor, or employee are eligible for a Community parking permit.
  • Recipients are responsible for permits issued to them. If you change vehicles within the academic year, you must obtain a new permit for $7.00.
  • You may obtain up to two temporary parking permits per term provided you have a registered vehicle. Temporary permits are valid for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Persons using vehicles other than their registered vehicle(s) must obtain a temporary permit at no charge. Temporary permits are available at the Delta State Police Department.
  • Acquire temporary permits immediately after arriving on campus, and place the temporary permit on the driver’s side front dashboard.
  • Students changing parking status may exchange the needed type of permit for $7.00. A permit on a vehicle should always reflect the current student status. Failure to make the proper changes may result in parking tickets and/or charges.

Special Tags

  • RENTAL TAG: Persons wanting to register vehicles displaying rental tags will not be sold a Delta State permit. UPD will issue a free temporary parking permit for a vehicle with a rental tag while your currently registered vehicle is in the shop for repair.
  • HANDICAP TAG: Handicap parking areas on campus require a state-issued placard or license plate. A handicap permit holder may also park in any legal parking space on the Delta State campus. The person for whom the placard is issued must be present in the vehicle to use a handicapped parking space, according to State Law.

Parking Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do park in your assigned zone.
  • Don’t park in other zones.
  • Don’t park in loading zones or in “no parking” striped zones.
  • Do allow extra time to park during inclement weather.
  • Don’t block driveways or walkways or impede pedestrian traffic.
  • Don’t park outside of marked spaces.
  • Do be alert for pedestrians stepping into the roadway or exiting parked cars.
  • Don’t park on the grass or in other areas not designed for parking.
  • Do obey all traffic signs.
  • Don’t double park.
  • Do use turn signals.
  • Don’t park against the flow of traffic.
  • Do park with the flow of traffic.
  • Don’t park in spaces reserved for “Visitor,” “Handicapped,” or “Service/Police Vehicles.”
  • Don’t back into a parking space.

Duty to Regulate Parking and Traffic

  • Delta State reserves the right to regulate the use of motor vehicles on campus or to prohibit use by any person who refuses to comply with parking and traffic regulations. Vehicles which have accumulated two or more unpaid tickers are subject to being immobilized if the vehicle is not registered.
  • Owners of immobilized vehicles must complete vehicle registration and purchase a parking permit before the vehicle will be released. UPD may tow immobilized vehicles after five (5) days. Also, an additional fine of $75 is levied a the time of immobilization.
  • Permitted vehicles cited for repeat violations are subject to immobilization or towing at the owner’s expense, regardless if prior citations are outstanding.
  • UPD charges any violations cited against a permit number to the permit holder.
  • Operating a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege, not a right, subject to the regulations set forth by the Board of Trustees and administered by the University.

Zones and Restrictions

Park motor vehicles only in the areas designated as parking areas, in such a manner, at such a place, and for such time as may be indicated on appropriate signs or markers. Zoned areas by number and color of decals are as follows:

Zone 1 Blue Employee
Zone 2 Green Housing
Zone 4 Black Commuter & Family Housing
Zone 6 Orange All Permit Parking

These zones are marked; therefore, use only as indicated above. Officers will cite zone violators. Only one permit may be visible on vehicles.

Parking in the following zones is restricted to the respective permits during the following times.

Zone 1 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (M-F)
Zone 2 At all times
Zone 4 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (M-F)
Zone 6 Open to all permits at all times