University Police

Driving on Campus

General Traffic Regulations

Our officers are full-time police officers certified by the State of Mississippi through the Board of Law Enforcement Standards and Training. Each officer meets the professional criteria as established by the state’s Minimum Standards Board.

  • Any student or employee may take a citation to the Bolivar County District II Justice Court for appeal. Appeals handled through the Justice Court will be charged through MS Code: 37-105-1.
  • Provisions effective July 1, 1972, require all vehicles operated on the University streets will be properly insured by a reputable insurance company and proof of insurance be kept in the vehicle as per MS Code: 63-15-4-2 (a).
  • The laws of the state of Mississippi are in effect on all University property.
  • Traffic rules and regulations are published on this website.


  • Driving and parking regulations are in effect at all times.
  • The campus speed limit is fifteen (15) miles per hour for all motor vehicles.
  • All motor vehicle operators must have a valid license plate (tag), driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
  • Motor vehicle operators must have children restrained in a proper child safety restraint as per Mississippi Code #63-7-301.


  • Exceeding speed limits.
  • Disregarding traffic control devices.
  • Failing to observe pedestrian right of way.
  • Operating any vehicle in a careless or reckless manner or while under the influence of any intoxicating agent.
  • Moving a vehicle from the scene of an accident.
  • Moving any police barricade or tape.
  • Driving on the grass or sidewalk.
  • Failing to immediately report collisions to the University Police.
  • Operating a motorcycle without a helmet.
  • Traveling without proper lighting.

Alternative Transportation

Motorcycles, roller blades, skates, skateboards, etc.


  • No bicycles may be ridden on any sidewalk or any other area of the campus designed for pedestrians.
  • Bicycles may be parked or stored only in bike racks or designated areas.
  • Bicycles operated at night must be properly equipped with a headlight, tail-light, or reflectors.
  • Motorcycles are required to operate under the same rules as motor vehicles.
  • When a passenger is present on a motorcycle, a dual seat is required.
  • Roller blading, skating, or skateboarding on any sidewalk, any other area customarily used by pedestrians, or inside any building is prohibited.  Skaters may use streets or parking lots at their own risk. UPD recommends protective gear and clothing be worn.
  • Motorized bikes or bicycles may not be parked obstructing the entrance into any building.
  • Hoverboards (and similar vehicles/devices) are prohibited on campus, including the storage and charging of said items.