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Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due by the payment due dates for each term. Payments may be made online through the myDSUOnlineServices account. Payment plans are also available through the student account. After logging in click View Account and Make Payment, then click Payment Plan. Plans will be available by July 15 of each summer.

Fall and Spring 2021-2022 – Tuition & Fees

Downloadable Fall and Spring 2021-2022 Tuition and Fee sheet

Full-time Tuition (per semester)
Undergraduates 12-19 hours $4,095.00
Graduates 9-13 hours $4,095.00
*Course related fees may apply. Please consult the Graduate/Undergraduate University Catalog online for an estimation of these fees.
Part-time Tuition (per hour)
 Undergraduate $341.00
Graduate $455.00
International Student Non-Resident Tuition Fees (per semester)
Undergraduate and Graduate $500.00
*This fee only applies to international non-resident students. DSU does not charge out of state tuition. All US students are charged in state tuition.
iMBA Program Tuition and Fees (per hour)
Tuition $455.00
Fees $64.00
Campus Improvement Fee (Mandatory for All Registered Students)
Full-time students (Graduate and Undergraduate) $60.00
Part-time undergraduate students (per hour) $5.00
Part-time graduate students (per hour) $6.67
Winter 2021 and Spring 2022 Intersession Tuition
Undergraduate (per hour) $341.00
Graduate (per hour) $455.00
Student Activity Fee
Full-time Students (Graduate and Undergraduate) $25.00
Part-time Undergraduate (per hour) $2.08
Part-time Graduate (per hour) $2.78

Summer 2021 – Tuition & Fees

Downloadable Summer 2021 Tuition and Fee sheet

Undergraduate Commuter Resident
Tuition (6 Hours/Semester) $1,986.00 $1,986.00
Residence Hall $565.00
Meal Plan (Flex Only) $400.00
_________ _________
Total for each semester payable on entrance $1,986.00 $2,951.00
Graduate Commuter Resident
Tuition (6 Hours/Semester) $2,652.00 $2,652.00
Residence Hall $565.00 $565.00
Meal Plan (Flex Only) $400.00
_________ _________
Total for each semester payable on entrance $2,652.00 $3,617.00
Intersession Tuition
Undergraduate (Per hour) $331.00
Graduate (Per hour) $442.00
Campus Improvement Fee
Undergraduate (Per hour)  $5.00
Graduate (Per hour)  $6.67
Part-time Student Fee (On or Off Campus Classes)
Undergraduate (Per hour) $331.00
Graduate $442.00

Housing Fees

Room Rates (per semester)
Room cost/per semester Private room cost/per semester
Fugler-Hammett and Cain-Tatum $2,167.50 $2,167.50
Lawler-Harkins $2,244.00 $2,244.00
Brumby-Castle $2,269.50 $2,269.50
Blansett Hall $2,295.00 $2,295.00
Foundation Hall $2,448.00 $2,448.00

Parking Decal

After vehicle registration, decals may be purchased with an Okra Green Anywhere Kard from the Campus Police Department or will be applied to the student account (after 24 hours of registering the vehicle).

Decal Pricing:

  • $40.00 (if purchased in the fall or spring term)
  • $20.00 (if purchased in the first or second summer term session)
  • Replacement decal may be obtained for $3.00 under certain circumstances

Get a Decal

Meal Plans

Eating on campus? Delta State offers a couple options for on-campus dining. The meal plans and Okra Green Anywhere Kard are fast and flexible. Complete the form to choose a meal plan today! For questions, please call 662.846.4698. For more on-campus dining information, visit DSU Dining.

Commuter Meal Plan Application


Delta Dining


Students living on campus are required to choose a meal plan when applying for housing. These lifestyle plans are designed to fit the needs of any student living in the residence halls, providing flexibility and convenience. All plans include block meals at the residential dining hall and flex dollars for retail locations on campus.


Students living off campus and are enrolled in 3 or more on-campus hours are required to have Commuter Dining Dollars. The dining dollars roll over from semester to semester and are fully refundable upon graduation or withdrawal. Commuters may also choose to add any resident board or cafeteria plan.

Okra Green Anywhere Kard

Okra Green may be designated for on-campus dining only or is available to use at certain merchants off-campus. Okra Green Anywhere works just like a prepaid debit account, but there are no transaction fees or minimum balance charges. Any dollar amount may be added to the student id for safe and secure use on and off campus. Add online today through the Okra Kard 24/7 Online Office.

Okra Kard Office Online

Meal Plans: Flex now transfers from Fall to Spring.
For Freshman Residence Hall Students:**
All Access Plan – Unlimited meals + $190 Flex per semester  $1,792.00
For Sophomores, Upperclassmen and Commuters:
Meal Plan Options:
Meal Plan Price:
*50 Block + $400 Flex $880.00
*50 Block + $600 Flex $1,098.00
*80 Block + $400 Flex $1,093.00
*80 Block + $600 Flex $1,311.00
*100 Block + $400 Flex $1,164.00
*100 Block + $600 Flex $1,382.00
*120 Block + $400 Flex $1,350.00
*120 Block + $600 Flex $1,568.00
        For Commuters:
Campus Dining Dollars
(Mandatory for all students enrolled in 3 or more face-to-face hours on the main DSU campus)
Additional Plans for Faculty/Staff:
50 Meals + $100 in Flex $322.00
*Block – expires at the end of each semester
*Flex – roll over fall to spring semester before expiring