Emergency Preparedness


A. Anyone who receives information or observes an emergency situation should immediately call the University Police Department at 662-846-4155.

B. In each building, occupants will be notified of emergencies such as fire by alarm, mass text messaging, paging system, word of mouth, etc.

C. Occupant will

1. Know at least two exits from the building
2. Be familiar with the evacuation posted on the diagram on your floor

D. Report a fire or emergency by calling the University Police at 4155, giving the exact location of the fire, your name, building name, room number and floor. State exactly what is burning, smoking or smells like a fire to you.

E. When notified to evacuate, do so in a calm and orderly fashion; walk don’t run; keep conversation level down; take your valuables and other garments; close all doors behind you, use the stairs not elevators and assist others in need of assistance.