Emergency Preparedness

Power Outage

A.    Response

1.    Remain Calm
2.    Contact University Police – 662-846-4155
3.    Identify any individuals with disability that may need assistance evacuating an area
4.    Check elevators for trapped people

B.    University Police

1.    Dispatch
2.    Receive report
3.    Dispatch officers to affected areas
4.    Contact Facilities Management

C.    Residence Life – Hall Directors/Resident Assistants

1.    Check halls for any safety issues
2.    Advise residents to stay inside until areas are secured unless evacuation is necessary for reasons of safety
3.    Check on any residents with disabilities who may need additional assistance
4.    Contact University Police if needed – 662-846-4155

D.    Facilities Management

1.    Assess campus for source of power outage
2.    Contact Entergy or other needed agencies
3.    Support incident operations as requested
4.    Provide updates to UPD dispatch as they are available