Emergency Preparedness


A.    At the first feeling of a tremor, please take action. OKRA ALERT may be activated.

1.    In a classroom or office

a.    Immediately take cover under desks or tables.
b.    Turn their bodies away from windows.
c.     During a drill, remain in the sheltered position at least 60 seconds.
d.    Evacuate the facility once the tremor has subsided.
e.    Building managers, leaders, faculty should:
f.     Talk calmly to individuals.
g.    Evacuate the classroom or area once the tremor has subsided according to fire drill procedures.

2.    Outside

a.    Move to open space away from buildings or other structures (lamp posts, telephone poles, trees, etc.)
b.    Lie down or crouch low.
c.     Be aware of dangers that may demand movement.

3.    In a Vehicle

a.    Stop the vehicle away from power lines, bridges, overpasses, and buildings.
b.    Remain in the vehicle.

4.    After the Earthquake

a.    Evacuate the building as soon as possible using fire evacuation procedures.
b.    Injured persons should NOT be moved unless the condition of the building is life threatening.
c.     Anticipate after shock. It will come.

5.    Senior Administrators or designee should take a hand-held radio or cell phone.

6.    Await further instruction from emergency personnel or University Police.