Emergency Preparedness


If flooding occurs on campus, the following procedures should be followed.

A. Stay out of the area.

B. Make the appropriate notifications.

C. During business hours, contact Facilities Management at 662-846-4740 and University Police at 662-846-4155.

D. After business hours, contact University Police at 662-846-4155 and the dispatcher will make the appropriate notifications to Facilities Management.

E. Post someone at entrances to the flooded area to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

F. University Police will respond to any reports of flooding to evaluate the situation.

G. Facilities Management will be responsible for containment and clean-up of the affected areas.

H. If the flooding is in a residence hall, the staff of the Office of Housing and Residence Life will be responsible for determining temporary shelter areas for any residents affected.

I. Do not return to flooded areas until instructed to do so by Facilities Management or University Police.