Emergency Preparedness

Hazardous Materials Release

A.    Preparedness

1.    Maintain updated emergency response procedures for your area
2.    Building Managers will ensure a contact list in case of a spill
3.    Prepare evacuation routes
4.    Maintain and know the location of spill response kits

B.    Response

1.    Reporting Parting Responsibilities
a.    Alert others in the immediate area and evacuate, if necessary
b.    As you exit, extinguish any ignition sources, i.e. burners, flames, etc.
c.     Call University Police (662-846-4155)
d.    Provide the following information to Dispatch:

i.      Your name
ii.     Phone number
iii.    Your current location if the area is evacuated
iv.   Exact location of the spill
v.    Information concerning any injuries
vi.   Name of the released chemical
vii.  Whether or not there is a fire or explosion

e.    Move to designated evacuation points outside of the building
f.     Do not return to an evacuated area until instructed to do so by University Police

2.    University Police Responsibilities

a.    Dispatch will receive call
b.    Obtain information
c.     Dispatch officers to the scene
d.    Notify Facilities Management
e.    Notify Cleveland Fire Department
f.     Notify EMS, if needed
g.    Notify Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (as directed by Incident Commander)
h.    Notify MEMA (as directed by Incident Commander)

3.    On-scene Officers Responsibilities

a.    Establish a safe perimeter
b.    Communicate any updated information to Dispatch for relay to Facilities Management, Fire Department, and/or EMS
c.     Assist with evacuation if reasonably safe to do so without protective equipment
d.    Clear roadways and walkways for arrival of emergency personnel

4.    Facilities Management Responsibilities

a.    Provide Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous substances and materials within the building
b.    Support operations of the Fire Department as needed
c.     Coordinate the process of disconnecting utilities to affected areas
d.    Coordinate clean-up operations and re-connection of utilities