Ticket Appeals

When violation of any rule or regulation set forth in the Delta State University Police Department Handbook has been clearly established by waiver, voluntary admission, and /or by an official hearing, the offender shall be subject to a special administrative fee and/or shall be subject to disciplinary action. However, any student who receives a Citation has the right to appeal. The deadline for a Citation Appeal is seven (7) business days from the Citation issue date. If the Citation is unpaid after seven (7) days and is not submitted for appeal, the Citation is subject to be turned over for collection.

Appeal Process

  • Complete the “Appeal a Citation” online* form below
  • Receive confirmation from the Office of Student Life
  • Set a Hearing date with the Student Government Association Chief Justice
  • Complete Citation Appeal Sanctions, if required
If a student or employee does not file an appeal with Delta State University, they may take a violation ticket to the Bolivar County District II Justice Court. Appeals handled through the Justice Court will be charged through Mississippi Code No. 37-105-1.

For more information about  the Police Handbook and Traffic Violations presented by the University Police Department, select the buttons below.

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For more information, contact the Office of Student Life by phone at 662-846-4666 or by email at studentlife@deltastate.edu.