Freshmen Rise

Being a member of Freshmen Rise is a great honor, as only a select number of students are admitted every fall. Members of Freshmen Rise and the SGA Chief of Staff meet regularly and host different campus speakers that educate the freshmen on leadership skills, networking skills, and different academic skills needed to succeed in the college environment. Freshman rise provides its members with easier access to SGA legislation, and university officials. In addition, this program promotes leadership and academic development that a non-member would not have access to.

The aim of Freshmen Rise is to integrate freshmen into leadership roles early in their collegiate experience and provide them with a tool set to navigate the campus related to administration and improving the student experience. This creates more informed, less prejudiced thinkers that are able tospark productive group conversations on campus life and its issues. Lastly, this opportunity provides freshmen the forum to connect with one another and build lasting personal and professional relationships that are beneficial for their collegiate career.


  • Must be a First-time, Full-time Freshman (enrolled in 12 hours or more)
  • Must be able to attend every meeting
  • Must be able to attend SGA sponsored events

Freshmen Rise Application

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