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Since 2014, DSU and John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) have partnered to provide academic exchange opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. In 2015, DSU hosted one faculty member and four students from KUL during a 10-day visit. In 2016, four students, one faculty, and one staff member from DSU went to KUL for a 10-day exchange. In 2018, DSU and KUL completed their first Erasmus+ mobilities (exchanges). Dr. Gabriel Scala, DSU professor of English, went to KUL to teach for one week, and Dr. Anna Antonowicz, KUL professor of English Studies, came to DSU to teach.

The Erasmus+ program is the European Union program for education, training, youth, and sport. It runs for seven years, from 2014 to 2020, and offers opportunities for mobility of students, staff, and faculty. DSU is one of three partner universities in the United States with an Erasmus+ partnership with KUL.”

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International Travel Information for DSU Faculty

DSU Faculty Teaching Mobility for Erasmus+ 2017-2018 in Poland

Duration of the Mobility

  • The duration of the proposed mobility should be planned for seven days: five business days stay and two additional days for international travel to be executed between January and June 2019.
  • Faculty member submitting a proposal is required to conduct at least 8 hours of teaching activity during the five business days at host institution.

Faculty Eligibility

  • Tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track
  • Teaching in the following degree programs: Biological Sciences, Computer Information Systems, English, or Psychology
  • Approval from department/division chair and dean

Application Requirements

Please email Michelle Johansen at for application materials.

Erasmus+ Timeline

October 1-19, 2018 – Applications and Review

  • DSU faculty in Biological Sciences, Computer Information Systems, English, and Psychology may apply for an Erasmus+ mobility (academic exchange), from October 1 to October 19.
  • DSU faculty will submit applications to Michelle Johansen, who will forward applications to KUL for department review – DSU faculty may not send the applications directly to KUL.
  • By October 23, KUL department Erasmus+ coordinators will have DSU applications to ensure the proposed teaching by DSU faculty is appropriate for the department. Factors in determining appropriateness include proposed mobility dates, content, and pedagogy.
  • Once KUL department Erasmus+ coordinators complete the review and approve, the DSU applications are forwarded to the DSU Erasmus+ Recruitment Committee.

Beginning of November 1-15, 2018 – Final Reviews

  • The recruitment committee will review and rank the DSU applicants.
  • The top two DSU applicants will have their applications sent to Dr. McAdams and President LaForge for approval.
  • If approved by Dr. McAdams and President LaForge, the nominated DSU faculty members will have their applications and nomination letters submitted to KUL for final approval.

After 15 November — Notification

  • Notification by DSU to faculty about the recruitment results and selections.
  • If approved by KUL, the nominated faculty will begin international travel paperwork process with guidance from DSU Study Abroad office.

November/December onwards — Preparation

  • DSU Study Abroad office support will be provided to the outgoing faculty with regard to the pre-departure preparation/organization of mobility/documents, etc.

Spring 2019 – Mobilities

  • DSU faculty mobilities will occur.


  • Through the Erasmus+ partnership, DSU participants will receive a fixed amount of 1,800 Euros (approximately $2,091 at 10/1/2018 exchange rate) for mobility travel and daily expenses such as meals and lodging. The stipend will be paid in cash (Euros) to the participant in Lublin on the Monday of the mobility. DSU is not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations which may occur before the mobility.
  • The funds will be paid out to the traveling faculty member upon arrival in Lublin, Poland in cash in Euros.
  • DSU will not fund any travel-related costs such as travel insurance; visa applications (U.S. citizens do not need a visa to Poland unless staying longer than 90 days); mileage to and from U.S. airports; airport parking fees; rental vehicles; public carrier transportation; and meals and lodging

Expected Outcomes of the Program

The program activities are expected to produce the following outcomes:

• Broaden the understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, training or youth across countries;

• Impact the internationalization of our curricula, education, and our service activities at the departmental, college, and campus levels;

• Increase global competencies of students, faculty, and staff;

• Increase capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernization, and international opening within their educational organizations;

• Greater understanding of interconnections between formal and non-formal education, vocational training, and the labor market;

• Greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic, and cultural diversity;

• Increase ability to address the needs of disadvantaged;

• Increase opportunities for professional and career development; and

• Improve foreign language competences.

Eligible Activities Abroad

The host and home institution shall ensure that the visiting faculty’s contributions will be an integral part of a current curriculum at the host institution. Priority will be given to activities which

•will support  the development of new teaching material

•will lead to the strengthening of the link between home and host institution

Submission of Applications

  • All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and ranked.  The chair of the DSU selection committee will give the recommendations to the Provost and President who will make the final selections.
  • The list will be shared with the host institution in Poland, the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. The host institution will make the final approval of proposed teaching activity.
  • Applicants will be notified about the application decision within four weeks after the application deadline by the chair of the selection committee.

Pre-Requisites of Participation:

  • The home and host institution must have agreed in advance of the program of the activities to be delivered by the visiting faculty members in a Mobility Agreement – prior to the start of the mobility period.
  • These agreements define the target teaching outcomes for the teaching period abroad, specify the formal recognition provisions, and list the rights and obligations of each party. Faculty member must sign the agreement in order to be eligible to participate in the exchange.

All Erasmus+ applications must be received by DSU Study Abroad Coordinator by October 18, 2018.

DSU Study Abroad Office

Michelle Johansen, Study Abroad Coordinator

Union 204 ● DSU Box 3232 ● 662-846-4170 ●