Student Business Services

Okra Kard

The Okra Kard, or student id, is the official Statesmen identification. Students and employees may have their cards made at the Student Business Services office. There is no charge for the first card. A replacement fee may be charged for lost or damaged Okra Kards.

Okra Green Anywhere

Okra Green is a convenient and secure way to use an Okra Kard as a prepaid spending account for books, food, supplies, and much more at locations on and off campus. The Okra Green program offers flexibility and convenience, with no overdraft or service fees. The Okra Green program is not affiliated with the dining services meal plans.

Add funds to Okra Green Anywhere Now!

  • Log in to the 24/7 Online Office to view your balance and add money.
  • Visit the SBS office in Kent Wyatt Hall
  • Deposit funds into the Cash Value Centers in the library or union

Where to use your Okra Kard

Students and employees may use Okra Kards for on and off campus benefits. The ID may be used for entry into athletic events and the gym. It will also be needed to obtain a parking decal.The Okra Green Debit Card is accepted by these merchants.

On campus

Wyatt Center Facilities

With an Okra Kard, students have access to all of the Wyatt Center Facilities. These include the natorium, golf course, fitness center, wyatt gym, racquetball courts, and tennis courts. Community members may also purchase an Okra Kard to use these facilities. There is a range of membership fees and packages to choose from, but all fees will be paid through Student Business Services, not at the Wyatt Center.

Off campus

Abraham’s Clothing Store
136 N. Sharpe Avenue
(662) 843-4541

Andy’s Quick Stop
101 S. Fifth Avenue

Cleveland Gas Mart
309 E Sunflower Rd.
(662) 843-9972

Domino’s Pizza
425C North Davis Ave
(662) 843-3663

Gaines On The Go
303 North Bayou Avenue
(662) 843-5651

Pump and Save 16
207 N David Avenue

Sonic Drive-In
409 E Sunflower Rd.
(662) 834-4389

Vowell’s Marketplace
207 N Davis Avenue

801 N Davis Avenue
(662) 846-6090

Okra Green Anywhere Policy

  • The Okra Green Dining Only and Okra Green Anywhere discretionary spending debit accounts are accounts of pre-deposited funds accessed by the cardholder for products and services. These accounts should not be confused with the Dining Services Meal Plans and Flex Dollars attached to those meal plans.
  • The Okra Green debit accounts will be activated automatically upon receipt of an initial deposit by cash, check or credit card. If the cardholder’s check is returned for non-payment (NSF), a $30.00 service charge will be assessed on the cardholder’s account and the account will be automatically suspended. The account will not be reactivated until the NSF check is reconciled and all appropriate fees have been reimbursed to the University.
  • Parents/patrons may telephone Student Business Services (SBS) to add funds to the Okra Green debit accounts. The SBS will accept Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. Parents/patrons may add cash onto their Okra Green Debit accounts by visiting the Cash Value Center in the Roberts-LaForge Library and the Nowell Student Union or by visiting Student Business Services, Kent Wyatt Hall Office 131.  Parents/patrons may add funds to the Okra Green Debit Accounts by visiting the University’s website at, MyDSU, and click on the Okra Kard.
  • These funds shall be applied against amounts debited to the cardholder’s Okra Green Anywhere accounts for goods and services purchased at point-of-sale locations and Lyric cash registers/readers. There is no daily limit on the number of purchases made available. The cardholder understands and agrees the Okra Kard is currently not a credit card, nor can it be used to obtain cash or cash advances from the account under any circumstances.
  • Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy in force where the goods and services were purchased. Cash refunds will not be made for returned merchandise that was purchased with the Okra Kard. A credit will be made to the cardholder’s account.
  • Statements of account are available upon request at Student Business Services and on the 24/7 Okra Kard Online Office.
  • Account Inactivity – Okra Green Debit Accounts can remain active indefinitely.  Okra Green Accounts that remain inactive for a period of six (6) months will be charged a $1.00 per month inactive fee for each inactive month thereafter.
  • Upon official withdrawal/graduation or termination of employment from the University, the cardholder may request his/her account be closed. $5.00 will be retained for processing the check. The request must be in writing to Student Business Services. All debts to the University must be satisfied prior to a check being processed for a refund. Any negative Okra Green Debit Accounts balances will be charged to the cardholders Student Account, or billed directly to the cardholder.
  • Replacement Cost: There is a $25.00 replacement fee for each lost, stolen, or damaged Okra Kard.  The Okra Kard ID Office is located in Student Business Services (Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm). Replacement cards are made in Student Business Services. After business hours, contact the Campus Police to report a lost or stolen card and report the card lost on the 24/7 Okra Kard Online Office for immediate deactivation of the card.