Staff Council

Staff Council

The Administrative Staff Council shall serve as a liaison between the administration and the staff of Delta State University to provide a formal process for staff to discuss issues involving University policies and procedures and to forward ideas, recommendations, and opinions to the President.

Staff Council shall be dedicated to excellence in service and the continued growth and development of Delta State University.

Professional growth through service to our campus, community, and colleagues. Throughout the year, we will strive to impact the campus in every endeavor to push ourselves and DSU forward. Let’s make it a great year!

Staff Council is composed of designated delegates and at-large members to represent all areas/departments on campus. An executive committee leads the group’s function and monthly meetings. Four standing committees carry out the programs and projects set in place by the organization. The council is governed by a set of bylaws updated annually.

Standing committees carry out projects and programs like “Smile On You,” “Take A Break,” “Employee of the Month,” volunteer and service projects, and staff fellowship.

Incentives and Recognition – Emily Jones (Chair)
Oversees and provides incentives and recognition to deserving staff members. Included but not limited to, Employee of the Month Award, Smile on You Award, Years of Service Award.

Oversees and organizes stewardship projects hosted by the Administrative Staff Council. Included but not limited to, Thanksgiving Feed a Family, Christmas Adopt a Child, Staff Development Day Picnic.

Salaries and Benefits
Oversees and organizes methods to provide alternative non-monetary benefits to staff and research potential opportunities for salary growth for all employees.

Staff Development – Christy Riddle
Oversees and organizes professional development opportunities for all staff. Included but not limited to, various workshops and staff development day.


  • To aid staff members in reaching their educational goals by off-setting the expense of textbooks
  • To provide staff members the opportunity to participate in an education degree program
  • To enhance personal and professional development
  • To enable staff to function at their highest level of competence
  • To provide funding for staff development

Description of Program:

  • Up to five (5) one-hundred dollar ($100) awards will be made available to qualified staff members during the fall and spring semesters for purchase of textbooks at the Delta State University Bookstore.
  • Qualified staff members must meet the criteria listed below.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be regular, full-time staff employees (50% time or greater and whose position is expected to be active for more than four and one-half months).
  • Eligibility begins on the first day of the applicant’s regular employment.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a for-credit course offered by Delta State University. This program excludes non-credit correspondence courses, short courses, workshops or institutes.
  • While all staff members are encouraged to apply, priority will be given to individuals who have not previously received the award and whose annual salary is $35,000 or less.  From this group, the loans will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Failure to complete a course with a passing grade will result in ineligibility to apply for the program the following term.


  • Applications may be obtained from Staff Council’s Salaries and Benefits Committee Chair, Jordan Thomas (Hugh Ellis Walker Alumni-Foundation House).
  • Application availability and deadlines will follow this schedule:
    Application Due: August 21
    Scholarship Award: August 22
  • Completed applications must be mailed, faxed or emailed to the Staff Council’s Salaries and Benefits Committee Chair no later than 5:00 pm on the due date.

Textbook Loan Application

August Employee of the Month

Name:  Waukesha Pates

Job title and department: Academic Support Clerk, Student Success Center

Employee of the month for what month/year:  August 2020

DSU degrees, years, majors: Master of Business Administration, emphasis in Human Resource Management (’20)

What does this award mean to you?  I am extremely honored to be receiving such an important award. I am so grateful for the recognition I have received for my work. This was truly a surprise! I want to thank the DSU family for their support and a special thank you to the Student Success family for their unconditional loyalty. This lets me know that my work and services are being valued.

What do you like best about your job?  I love being able to help students or any other visitor.  I especially love my Student Success family. Although we are not with each other every single day, it feels good to know I have them in every aspect of my life.

What do you like best about Delta State?  I can’t really explain how great the DSU family has been to me, but I love the diversity and the culture of the University. I love that I was able to receive my second master’s degree from DSU’s College of Business and Aviation. The program was very beneficial. I love working with the Student Success team.

What do you like best about living in the Mississippi Delta? That good ol’ southern hospitality and southern food, especially Fried Okra.


January Cecil Barnett
February Terrence Liddell
April Shander Gund
May Boba Dean
July Paula Thompson
August Waukesha Pates
October Carley Brock


January Janet Horne
May Fawn Ussery
June Jay Griffing
July Holly Ray
August Cayce Friesenhahn
September Susan Chow
November Katie Stroupe
December Benny Suber


January Abbey Attwill
February Robert McDaniel
March Gregory Sassenrath-Cole
April Paula Lindsey
June Craig Clemons
July Lloyd McDowell
August Richard Little
November Chelsea Hall


January Marcia Lishman
February Margaret Katembe
April Charlie Anderson
May Rhonda Loper
June Regina Haynes
August Stella Pruitt
September Teresa Yarborough
December Mallory Keown


January Don Smith
February Diana McLemore
March None
April Elizabeth Joel
June Tarnisha Smith
July Cheryl Ballard
August Bobbi Wiley
September Sheila Millican
November Barkley Falkner


January Keonna Goethie
February Brian Sherwood
March Patricia Webster
April Janet Horne
June Camesha Benson
July Clare Cole
August Fawn Ussery
September Heather Miller
October Gwendolyn Stephens
November Helen Miller
December Trey Goss

Employee of the Month distinction is given to a staff member who has provided service at Delta State that is considered over and beyond those duties outlined in his or her job description. Nominations are submitted by colleagues on campus.

Each winner receives a plaque, monetary award, WalMart gift card from the Student Government Association, an engraved insulated coffee mug, a free parking decal courtesy of the Campus Police Department, a box of treats from The Sweetery, a parking spot of their choice, marquee announcement and website recognition.

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