Delta State University’s

$175 Million Economic Impact

on the Mississippi Delta

One way that Delta State makes a difference to the Mississippi Delta is through the positive economic impact we have on the 18-county region in the northwest part of the state. For 2018, that totaled $175 million. That’s a big number. Here are some ways to understand it.

$110 Million Knowledge Impact:

Increased alumni earnings
Social benefits
Cultural benefits

We provide a knowledge impact of $110 million: $81 million in increased alumni earnings; $27 million in social benefits of less unemployment, absenteeism, alcoholism, smoking, crime, and welfare; and $2 million in cultural benefits of attending shows, sports, and other events on campus rather than going elsewhere for them.

$65 Million Spending Impact:

Direct spending
Secondary spending

And we provide a spending impact of $65 million: $44 million in direct spending by us and our visitors, and $21 million in secondary spending by area businesses that use DSU funds to buy other goods and services in the Mississippi Delta.

So Delta State not only serves as the educational and cultural center of the Mississippi Delta. DSU also is a major contributor to the Mississippi Delta’s economic prosperity, job opportunities, quality of life, and service to the community.

In other words, our hometown of Cleveland, our county seat of Bolivar County, and the entire Mississippi Delta would not succeed as they do without DSU.