State Contracts

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Certain State Contracts are established by the State Office of Purchasing and Travel on the basis of written specifications and sealed competitive bids with a contract being awarded to the vendor that has submitted the lowest bid that meets the specifications. ALL STATE AGENCIES ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE FROM THESE STATE CONTRACTS UNLESS APPROVAL TO DO OTHERWISE IS OBTAINED FROM THE OFFICE OF PURCHASING AND TRAVEL. This approval process is handled through the Purchasing Department. If you have questions or need more information about these items that are on a state contract, you should contact the Purchasing Department. It is very important that each department keep copies of these contracts as a guideline when you are ordering.

Below is a partial list of the most commonly used items on state contract:

  • GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES: Adding machine paper, adhesives, 3-ring binders, continuous form binders, calendar refills, correction fluid, file cards, file cases, file folders, file guides, index strips, labels, padded tablets, paper clips, binder clips, paper fasteners, phone message pads and books, rubber bands, stamp pads and ink, staples, tape, staplers and staple removers, tape dispensers, erasers, inks, leads, pens, pencils, pen refills, permanent markers, highlighters, audiovisual markers, , audiovisual markers, dry-erase markers, office scissors, transparent mending tape, filament tape, carton sealing tape, rubber finger tips, finger moisteners;
  • OFFICE PAPERS: Office paper, fax paper, laser print paper, xerographic paper, stock computer form paper, envelopes;
  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES: Computer printer ribbons, typewriter ribbons and correction tape, floppy diskettes, laser printer toner cartridges, surge suppressors;
  • OFFICE FURNITURE: Vertical and lateral metal file cabinets, metal, wood and ergonomic office chairs, wood desks, credenzas and conference tables.