Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Join in on the college experience before your freshman year at Delta State.

What is a Dual Credit student?  A Dual Credit student is a student enrolled in a community college or state institution of higher learning while enrolled in high school.  The student receives both high school and post-secondary credit for coursework regardless of the course location (high school campus, post-secondary campus or online).

Delta State’s Dual Credit experience offers exceptional high school students the opportunity to join in our community to earn college credit before graduating high school. For the highly motivated, dual credit gives students a jump-start on college, giving the student the opportunity to stand out in college before the freshman year. Depending upon course selection, you may be in a classroom at your high school or on campus here in Cleveland. By completing college coursework early, you’ll stand out among the other incoming students.

Who can join in to participate in Dual Credit?

In order to join in on the Dual Credit experience at Delta State, a student must:

  • Complete a Dual Credit Application to Delta State University
  • Have a minimum cumulative 3.00 grade point average on a 4.00 scale AND
    • Completed a minimum of fourteen (14) core high school units and have  OR
    • Earned a minimum ACT composite score of 30 or the SAT equivalent
  • Have taken the ACT/SAT* at least once and received a minimum composite score of 16
  • Submit all required documentation and registration forms including
    • Official In-progress High School Transcripts
    • Official ACT/SAT Scores
    • Recommendation Form from your High School

Based upon availability and enrollment, a qualified student can earn an unlimited number of university credits. Participation in our Dual Credit experience does not affect eligibility for freshman-level scholarships.

What courses have prerequisites at Delta State University?

At Delta State University, some courses require a specific sub-score on the ACT/SAT to take the course. Please refer to the University Catalog for specific course requirements. For the most common courses in the Dual Credit experience, the following sub-scores are required:

  • English Composition requires an ACT English Sub-score of 17.
  • History and/or Literature requires an ACT Reading Sub-score of 17.
  • College-level Mathematics requires an ACT Mathematics Sub-score of 20.

A student may take the ACCUPLACER instead of the ACT/SAT. If ACCUPLACER is replacing ACT/SAT test scores, all sections must be passed for admission. ACCUPLACER requirements for sub-test scores also must be met for English, Reading, History or Literature, and Mathematics. An overall passing score and passing of sub-tests are necessary in order to be placed in dual credit.

Acceptance to our Dual Credit experience does not qualify a student for full-time freshman admittance. To be considered for admission to Delta State as a freshman, the student must apply for admission as a first-time freshman and meet the admission requirements as set forth by the IHL.

How much does it cost?

The standard tuition rate for a dual credit course is $125 for a 3-credit hour course. Dual credit fees and tuition are subject to the University Refund Policy.Other educational costs students and families may incur are:
  • Application fee
  • Textbooks
  • Course/Lab fees (detailed in the course description located in the University Catalog)

Want More Information?

If you have any questions or need any help through your next steps, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help guide you through this process and discuss your future at Delta State University.

The Office of Continuing Education is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5:00pm CST. Please contact us at 662-846-4874 or mread@deltastate.edu to speak with us about your future Dual Credit experience.