Continuing Education

CEU Overview

*Effective July 1, 2023 there will be a $9.00 charge for all CEU Certificate reprints.   Payment must be made before the certificate is reprinted and mailed.   Our office accepts cash, check, or credit card. 

Many professions require annual continuing education units for certification. Graduate and Continuing Studies awards CEUs for all professional seminars. We can also provide credit for seminars which are customized for individual needs. CEUs are awarded to individuals for participation in organized non-credit activities that provide unified and systematic instruction for a set length of time, meet specific criteria, and are subject to goal achievement or participant performance evaluation. A permanent record of an individual’s CEUs is maintained for a minimum of seven years.

Many of the CEUs are offered through Graduate and Continuing Studies. There are short-term, three-hour graduate or undergraduate credit courses which focus on the structured inquiry approach to learning available.

The Delta Area Association for the Improvement of Schools (DAAIS) offers CEUs to those interested in pursuing other courses outside of the Graduate and Continuing Studies. The DAAIS also tailors the classes to educators interested in a structured approach to learning. Information on DAAIS can be found at