Women Minority Business Development Center

Delta Up Program

This program will target select high-potential minority women of color that have traditionally experienced racial disparities within their communities when launching new businesses, expanding their business, and experiencing institutional systems barriers. The Women Minority Business Development Center (WMBDC) will focus on women of color over a 10-county area to provide services to help them become engines of economic growth in their communities. The WMBDC staff includes a rich talent of small business advocates and a leadership team that will also assist minority women of color in accessing, navigating, and completing applicable online coronavirus business recovery plans, not limited to the following programs:

  1. New Small Business Grant Programs
  2. Small Business Economic Injury Disaster Loans & Emergency Economic Injury Grants
  3. Small Business Federally Funded Benefits for Unemployed Individuals
  4. Small Business Debt Relief Program
  5. Small Business Counseling Program

Most of the work will be conference and fieldwork, developing relationships with small businesses, and coordinating access to appropriate applications in the pipeline.