Women Minority Business Development Center

Community and Family Financial Literacy Academy (CFFLA)

The Women Minority Business Development Center (WMBDC) will offer a special financial literacy program for their client’s families. The program will have its primary focus on children between the ages of 0-8. Recent research has shown that kids are ready to learn about money at a very early age.  Also, children increase in financial capability when they have access to financial education accompanied by participation in meaningful financial services, despite family education and income (Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Sept. 2011). In addition, the families will be offered specialized training in the DSU College of Business and Aviation Financial Investing and Research Lab. Research has indicated that an effective method to teach financial literacy to children and adolescents in primary and secondary school is “experiential learning.” (Citizenship, Social and Economic Education, July 2017). Topics will include:

  • Establishing Financial Goals
  • Money & Banking Concepts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Borrowing Basics
  • Understanding Income and Expenses
  • Budgeting
  • Education Planning
  • Buying Renting
  • Savings and Investments
  • Understanding the Stock Market