Delta Proud Fellows

Delta Proud Fellows

The Delta Proud Fellows is a black male leadership organization that aims to foster unity, strength, and brotherhood amongst black male students. Delta Proud Fellows aims to increase graduation rates amongst African-American and historically underrepresented males in higher education. Along with leadership, Delta Proud aims to increase academic achievement, promote community service, and emphasize the need for positive male mentorship.

Benefits & Expectations:

One of the significant benefits to joining Delta Proud is the opportunity to network and make new and useful connections with black males/likeminded males while also gaining the necessary tools needed to navigate the increasingly globalized society.

Added Benefits:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Networking and Mentorship
  • Professional Development
  • Travel
  • Scholarships & grants

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students should identify the resources needed for the institution to be able to support them in their academic success.
  • Students will participate in monthly workshops, programs, community service, and educational opportunities that will help assist them in their future career choices.


Program Coordinator

Kentaro Johnson
(662) 846-4807

Address and Mailing

CCED 114
Cleveland, MS