Student Housing Reservations and Cancellations

Room Reservations

Future Students
Complete the housing application with the button below.
Submit a $75 application fee (non refundable). Click here for instructions on how to pay online.

Housing Application

Current Students
Submit a room reservation request form.


A cancellation of a housing reservation must be made in writing (email or USPS) to the Office of University Services by the deadline.

Fall Deadline – August 1
Spring Deadline – December 15
Summer I – May 15
Summer II – June 15

A cancellation received after these deadlines may result in charges.

A current resident must terminate their Academic Year Contract by completing a Residence Hall Contract Cancellation Request Form and return it via email to the Office of University Services. A cancellation of the academic year contract will result in a charge equal to 50% of one semester’s room cost based on their current assigned residence hall.


Refund of Living Expenses (Room and Meal Charges)

A student officially withdrawing from the residence hall is eligible to receive a pro-rated room and meal charge based on the number of calendar days since the residence hall officially opened without regard to the date the student actually moved in.  The residence halls opening dates are August 9, 2023 and January 14, 2024.

The $75 application fee is not refundable under any circumstances.  Application fees may not be transferred.

A student withdrawing from the residence hall for any reason is eligible to a pro-rated room and meal charge as follows:

1st day through 10th day – 75% refund
11th day through 20th day – 50% refund
21st day through 25th day – 25% refund
After the 25th day – 0% refund

Each student living in the residence hall is required to select a residence hall meal plan offered by the University Dining program.  Meal plan selections are made at the beginning of the contract period and will roll from fall to spring unless changed by the student.  All changes must be made by the close of the business on the first Friday of each semester.

Meal plan contracts are pro-rated in the same fashion as room fees.  (See above.)