Bachelor of Science in Education - Social Studies Education

Become a History Teacher, with a B.S.E. in Social Studies Education

The Division of Social Sciences and History at Delta State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Education with a focus in Social Studies Education at the secondary level (grades 7-12). The primary focus of the Bachelor’s program in Social Studies Education is to prepare secondary social studies teachers for work in public schools. Students will have extensive coursework related to research, theory, practices, and issues (both historical and contemporary) that inform the field of social studies education. Specifically, students take courses that explore such topics such as the foundations of social studies curriculum, multicultural education, and the teaching of social studies through different modalities and perspectives.


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Program-specific Scholarships


Areas a Graduate is Licensed to Teach

Why Choose Social Studies Education at DSU?

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The Social Studies Education program at Delta State University prepares students to be outstanding educational practitioners and scholars. Social Studies educators can teach a variety of topics that include: Geography, History, Civics, Economics, Sociology, and more. We believe all students can learn and be academically successful. Learning is a lifelong and cyclical endeavor, and critical and creative thinking are essential skills for all learners. The basic aim of education is to teach essential skills and raise critical consciousness, and the B.S.E. in Social Studies Education at DSU gives you the tools needed to guide students to a higher understanding of the field. The importance and value of equitable representation in the classroom cannot be overstated, and our program ensures that all perspectives are considered.

  • Applications accepted year round
  • Full-time and part-time options
  • Wide variety of elective courses
  • One-on-one help from professors
  • Trains students to teach multiple subjects
  • Required teaching internship
  • Helps address the nationwide teacher shortage
  • Accredited by CAEP since 1954
Tycen Gray, Social Studies Education major

The History professors are personable and always willing to have meaningful conversations both inside and outside of the classroom. They are genuinely invested in your life, value deep-rooted connection when teaching concepts, and use open-minded discussion.

Tycen Gray, Social Studies Education majorClass of 2026

What Can I Do With a B.S.E. Degree
in Social Studies Education

At Delta State University, the Social Studies Education program aims to prepare students for a variety of fields by supplying them with the critical thinking and writing skills to go into many different areas. Our classes will be able to prepare students for any field they choose post graduating. Some options include: 

  • Middle school teacher
  • High school teacher
  • Public history educator
  • National parks guide
  • Museum educator
  • School administrator

Social Studies Education Scholarships

The Division of Social Sciences and History and its alumni recognize that higher education can be a hard burden financially on young students. This is why we are offer 9 scholarships and awards to our students every year. For students interested in pursuing the major in Social Studies Education, there is one scholarship opportunity available through the division. However, some Social Studies Education majors are also eligible for our history scholarships based on their work within their history courses. Students may also be eligible for non-program specific scholarship opportunities.

Program Goals

The goals of the program are to prepare students to become well-informed teachers through a commitment to pursuing questions that matter. Students will examine theoretical, historical, empirical, and pedagogical questions to better understand the current topics and debates of social studies education. Topics will include, but are not limited to: race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, geographic and cultural differences, access, equity, and content knowledge.

Admission Requirements

Applicants of this program must meet Delta State University’s undergraduate admission requirements.

Program Specific Requirements:

  • Junior year status
  • Acceptable scones on ONE of the following:
    • Passing scores on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Exam (Reading, Writing, Math)
    • ACT of 21 or higher and a passing score on the Praxis Core Writing Exam
  • A General Education GPA of 2.75 or higher to be able to complete Directed Teaching Internship
  • Recommendation of Division of Social Sciences and History faculty


The following courses are required to complete the major in Social Studies Education.

Social Studies Education (Major)

Course Number and Course Title Credits
GEO 201: Introduction to Human Geography 3
GEO 303: World Regional Geography 3
PSC 201: American National Government 3
PSC 406: State and Local Government 3
SOC 420: Sociology of Education 3
Select one of the following groups:
HIS 101: History of Civilization to 1648, and
HIS 102: History of Civilization, 1648-Present
HIS 103: World History to 1500, and
HIS 104: World History 1500 to Present
HIS 201: United States History to 1877 3
HIS 202: United States History, 1877-Present 3
HIS 311: The History of Mississippi 3
Political Science electives, 300 level or above 9
Social Science and/or History electives 300 level or above 9

Degree Requirements

To earn this degree, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including your general education requirements and the major requirements below. No grade below C in a required major course or special degree requirements may be applied toward graduation. Any grade below C must be removed by repeating the course and earning a C or better grade.

General Education 39-41
University Requirement 1
Special Degree Requirements 9
Professional Education 24
Major 48
  • Successful completion of all required coursework and Directed Teaching Internship
  • Praxis II Social Studies Content Exam
  • Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam

For more information on degree requirements and specifics on courses needed to complete the degree, consult the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. For a semester-by-semester breakdown on how you can complete this degree in 4-years, visit academic maps.

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