Staff Council’s Employees of the Month for 2006

Kim Pongetti

January 2006

DSU Staff Council congratulates Kim Pongetti, administrative assistant in the Athletic Department, for being chosen Employee of the Month for January, 2006.  A Cleveland native, Kim graduated from Cleveland High School and attended Delta State.  She has been employed in the Athletic Department since 1997, serving as basketball secretary for eight years and then being promoted to administrative assistant in July, 2005.  Kim is married to Gary Pongetti, and they have two children–Allen, a DSU student, and Teresa, a senior at Cleveland High.  Kim loves her job and all the people with whom she works.  She says, "They make it easy."  We appreciate what you do for DSU, Kim! 

Carla Lewis

February 2006

Carla Lewis, Administrative Secretary to the Dean of the School of Nursing, has been selected Employee of the Month for February, 2006.  Carla began her tenure at DSU in 1991 as faculty secretary in Nursing and was promoted in 1992.  During these 15 years, she has worked for three different Deans–Barbara Powell, Maureen Gruich, and Lizabeth Carlson.  Carla graduated from North Sunflower Academy and attended Delta State.  She and her husband, Chris, are residents of Drew.  Dean Carlson says that Carla is her right hand person and that she "could not function without her."  We extend our hearty congratulations to Carla Lewis for her cheerful attitude and willingness to help others. 

Mary Jane Ervin

March, 2006

Congratulations to Mary Jane Ervin, Senior Secretary in Housing and Residence Life, for being chosen DSU Staff Council’s Employee of the Month for March, 2006.  Mary Jane grew up in Boyle, attended Boyle Elementary, graduated from Cleveland High School, and attended Mississippi Delta Junior College.  She came to Delta State in September, 1987, from Baxter Laboratories, where she worked almost 20 years.  She began her DSU tenure as part-time secretary in the athletic department and transferred to housing in 1989.  Mary Jane is wife of 38 years to Fred H. Ervin, mother to Mandy Ervin Zuniga, and proud grandmother of Frank Henry "Hank" Zuniga.  She is active both on campus and in the community as Chair of the DSU Courtesy Committee, member and Church Clerk of First Baptist Church of Boyle, and member of the American Legion Auxiliary.  Elsie Lynn Ervin describes Mary Jane as "our little mother–caring, sensitive, loyal, supportive, hard-working, with a wonderful sense of humor that we couldn’t live without."  We salute you, Mary Jane!

Ann Giger



April 2006

The Employee of the Month for April, 2006, is Ann Giger, Administrative Secretary in the Delta State University Foundation.  Ann and her husband Dennis moved to Cleveland from Grenada in 1987 to complete their college educations.  She joined the DSU staff as secretary in the library.  She earned her BBA degree from DSU in 1993.  In 1997 she returned as Senior Secretary in the library, served as Administrative Secretary to the Chief Information and Planning Officer, and transferred to the Foundation in 2004.  Ann has served on several campus committees, including the Administrative Staff Council.  She is active in the community as a speaker for ladies groups and pre-teen etiquette classes.  Her family includes Chris and Lisa Giger, Daniel and Elizabeth Giger, and grandsons Brett, Jared, and Jason Giger (who was born the same day Ann was named Employee of the Month).  Ann, we’re proud of you for your dedication to Delta State and its alumni and friends!


Gloria Enriquez

May 2006

Gloria J. Enriquez, Senior Secretary in the Office of University Relations, has been named Employee of the Month for May by the Delta State University Administrative Staff Council.  Gloria began her employment with Delta State in 1990 as secretary in the math department before transferring to her current position in 1991.  A native of Rolling Fork, she attended Rolling Fork High School and Mississippi Delta Junior College and has taken classes at Delta State University as well.  She and her husband Joe are residents of Cleveland.  Gloria has two children–Jack Tidwell, Jr. and Melissa L. Spencer, both Delta State graduates–and three grandchildren.  When she is not at work, Gloria enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with her grandchildren.  Congratulations, Ms. Gloria!

Gerald Jordan

June 2006

Gerald Jordan, Head Athletic Trainer, was named Employee of the Month for June, 2006.  He is a native of Mountain City, Tennessee.  Gerald’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University and a master’s degree in Health Education from Pennsylvania State University.  He came to Delta State from The Citadel in the summer of 2003 as Assistant Athletic Trainer and was named Head Athletic Trainer in July of 2005.  Gerald was instrumental in the introduction of Athletic Training as a new major at DSU in 2003-04 and has served as an instructor in the Athletic Training Education Program.  Gerald resides in Cleveland and enjoys being with friends, playing racquetball, or exercising and is a NASCAR fan.  Members of the Athletic Department say Gerald is available any time of the day or night to care for athletes’ injuries or illnesses.  He is always the first person to volunteer to help others.  We appreciate you, Gerald!


Dicky Taylor

July 2006

The DSU Staff Council has named Dicky Taylor as Employee of the Month for July, 2006.  Dicky is a native of Drew and attended Drew High School.  He came to Delta State in 1999 as Bus Driver in the Physical Plant.  After two years of driving DSU athletic teams and groups of all kinds and delivering packages on campus, Dicky moved into the accounts payable office in the Physical Plant and kept his primary job driving the bus.  Dicky resides in Cleveland with his wife Nina and daughter Memrie and in his free time enjoys woodworking and fishing.  According to a faculty member responsible for summer campers, Dicky "has demonstrated courtesy and patience in getting us where we need to be and back home without worry."  We are pleased to honor Dicky Taylor for his professional attitude and dependability.

Jimmy Muzzi

August 2006

Congratulations to Jimmy Muzzi for being selected Employee of the Month for August, 2006.  Jimmy is a native of Shaw, Mississippi.  He graduated from Shaw High School and attended Mississippi State University.  He came to Delta State in 1998 as Grounds Supervisor and was assigned to the Athletic Department in 2001.  According to Head Soccer Coach Jim Allen, "Jimmy constantly goes out of his way to help others in their area, even on his time off."  Jimmy and his wife Jo reside in Shaw.  He enjoys all sporting events, especially when his three grandchildren are playing.  We are pleased to honor Jimmy Muzzi for demonstrating what makes Delta State special–his desire to help others. 

Kitty Burgos

September 2006

Congratulations to Kitty Kirsch de Burgos, Senior Secretary in the Division of Languages and Literature, for being selected Employee of the Month for September, 2006.  Kitty grew up in Michigan, received a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State University, and attended graduate school at New York University.  In 1986 she and her husband Ben moved to Cleveland, and Ben began his career teaching Spanish at DSU.  Kitty came on board in 1992 as part-time secretary for the Delta Area Writing Project and was promoted to Senior Secretary in 2004.  The Burgos family also consists of daughter Jessica and DSU student Mark.  Kitty’s major interests include participation in the Society for Creative Anacronisms, reading, and needlework.  Dr. Bill Hays describes her as "amazing…She juggles a lot of balls at once, and seldom does she drop one."  We salute you, Kitty! 

Myra Muirhead

October 2006

The DSU Staff Council honors Myra Muirhead, Senior Secretary in the Department of Mathematics, as October’s Employee of the Month.  Myra grew up in Winona and graduated from Winona High School.  She and her husband moved to Cleveland from Jackson in 1999.  Other members of Myra’s family include a 15 year old son, two step-daughters, and an 18 month old grandson.  Myra joined the DSU staff in February of 2001.  Besides normal departmental responsibilities, Myra assists with the annual Math Tournament, Summer Institute, and the ROMEA conference.  Myra says, "There are wonderful people (including students) everywhere on campus but I am proud to call the Math Department my home away from home."  Her co-workers all agree that she is a "gem".  Congratulations, Myra!

Becky Roberson

November 2006

Congratulations to Becky Roberson, Senior Clerk in the Registrar’s Office, for being selected Employee of the Month for November, 2006.  Becky grew up in Pace, Mississippi, graduated from Rosedale High School, and is currently working on her B.B.A. degree at DSU.  She is married to Johnny Roberson, and they have three children and two grandchildren.  She enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  Becky came to Delta State in August of 2002 and loves being a part of the Registrar’s Office team.  She is a hard worker, taking a lead role in new projects and office training.  We are proud of you, Becky!

Sammy Wilson

December 2006

The Staff Council congratulates Sammy Wilson, Custodian in the Wyatt Building and Natatoriums, as December’s Employee of the Month.  Sammy grew up in Cleveland the younger of two boys and resides with his mother, Minnie Wilson.  He came to Delta State on October 15, 1997, as a member of the grounds crew and was reassigned to the Wyatt Building in 1998.  Sammy, affectionately known as “Popcorn”, is scheduled to graduate in May with a degree in physical education and is considered to be one of DSU’s best recruiters because he speaks to all the students during campus tours of his buildings.  He comes to work at 4 a.m. each day and never misses class, because he wants to be a good example to the students.  We appreciate you, Sammy!


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