Human Resources

Employee Tuition Remission Program

Full-Time Employees

Regular full-time employees are eligible to have tuition remitted for up to six (6) undergraduate or graduate credit hours per fall or spring semester. Delta State will remit tuition for no more than three (3) credit hours per summer term and/or a total of six hours for the entire summer term.  Tuition remission is available for no more than three (3) credit hours per intersession term.  A maximum of eighteen (18) credit hours per fiscal year is allowed. Employees are eligible for this benefit on the first day of their regular employment. Additional courses may be taken during the year, but you are responsible for all tuition and fees for those courses. Full-time employees may enroll in any semester for one course that meets during the standard workday; total time away from work may not exceed three hours per week. You must have your departmental head’s approval.  A separate form must be submitted for each semester.

Part-Time Employees

Part-time, benefit eligible employees, may take up to three (3) credit hours per semester.

Adjunct Faculty and Temporary Status Employees

Employees who are adjunct or temporary status are not eligible for the Tuition Remission Program.

Dependent Children

The University provides a Tuition Remission Program which enables dependent children of eligible employees to enroll in courses of study at the University at reduced tuition. The Tuition Remission Program does not include laboratory fees, course materials, housing fees, or required fees. Also excluded are correspondence courses, short courses, workshops, institutes, and non-credit courses taught by the Division of Continuing Education. A dependent child is defined as one who is unmarried natural child, adopted child, step-child or legal ward and is less than 25 years of age as of the first day of the semester for which application is made for tuition remission.

Dependent children of regular full-time employees are eligible to receive tuition remission at fifty percent (50%) until the degree requirements for one baccalaureate degree are met. A 100% tuition remission scholarship is available to dependent children if both parents are full-time employees of the University and is employed as of the first day of each scheduled registration. Dependent children who have earned one baccalaureate degree from DSU or another institution are ineligible for this benefit. Dependent children of employees who are adjunct, part-time or temporary status are not eligible for the Tuition Remission Program.

In order to receive the fifty percent tuition remission, a dependent child must gain admission to the University and complete the Application for Tuition Remission for a Dependent child. The application can be obtained in the Human Resources Department. The application must be completed prior to the start of the semester. This policy does not apply to dependent children who are recipients of full scholarships from any source. Dependent children receiving less than full scholarships are eligible for the tuition remission in addition to other aid and scholarships.


A scholarship program is available to spouses of full-time faculty or staff members.

Spouses of regular full-time employees are eligible to receive the same provisions provided in the Employee Tuition Remission policy until the degree requirements are met. Employees’ spouses are eligible for this benefit if the employee is employed on the first day of the academic semesters. If the employee leaves employment at Delta State University before the dates below, spouse tuition remission will not be granted for that academic term.

Fall Semester: Before October 1
Spring Semester: Before March 1
Summer 1 Session: Before June 15
Summer II Session: Before July 15

Spouses of employees who are adjunct or temporary status are not eligible for the scholarship.

This policy does not apply to spouses who are recipients of full scholarships from any source and/or federal aid.

In order to receive the scholarship, a spouse must gain admission/readmission to the University and complete the Application for Scholarship. The application must be completed and forwarded to the Human Resources Department two weeks before registration for each semester.

Reciprocal Agreement for Mississippi Delta Community College Employees and DSU Faculty and Staff

Delta State University has entered into an agreement that will provide full-time faculty and staff at Mississippi Delta Community College a reduction of one-half tuition at Delta State University and allow full-time DSU employees the same benefit at Mississippi Delta Community College. The employee must meet the regular admission requirements of the institution. The scholarship is available for regular academic sessions, vocational education programs, and academic credited continuing education courses. Eligible employees must take courses at the reciprocal institution after regular office/working hours or by permission of supervisor. The supervisor shall have control as to the time an employee may take a class during working hours. It shall be the responsibility of the supervisor to maintain adherence to institutional leave and travel policies regarding this scholarship.

An application must be completed in Human Resources two (2) weeks before each semester begins to request tuition remission. Mississippi Delta Community College will not accept applications unless employment has been verified by Human Resources.

If you are an employee at another Mississippi Community College, you can find information about tuition remission opportunities available to you at Delta State University on the website of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Reciprocal Scholarship for Dependent Children of Mississippi Delta Community College and DSU Faculty and Staff

Mississippi Delta Community College and Delta State University have established a tuition exchange program for dependent children of full-time faculty and staff at MDCC and DSU. The Tuition Exchange Program (TE) will permit three (3) DSU students to attend MDCC and three (3) MDCC students to attend DSU. Each student will receive a fifty percent (50%) tuition remission for an undergraduate program of study. Eligible personnel may apply to receive TE scholarship for legally dependent children under age twenty-five (25). All students must meet the academic standards and criteria of the admitting institution. Scholarships are available for a maximum of four years (eight semesters) of full-time academic study in an undergraduate degree program. Students must be admitted as a full-time student at the admitting institution in order to be eligible for this program. Only one dependent per family may participate in the TE program in any given academic year. In order to balance the number of TE students at each institution, MDCC and DSU have agreed to a maximum of twelve (12) TE scholarships during any four (4) year time period. TE scholarship availability is dependent on the availability of spaces at the admitting institution.

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