– Spring 2018 –


Course Cancellation | Payment for tuition and fees is due before classes begin. Please login to your student account to check balances and make payments.

January 4 by 5 p.m. › Payment must be received or a payment plan must be authorized, or you will be purged from classes. You will no longer be enrolled in your classes.

January 17 › If payment has not been resolved, courses will be removed from Canvas, meal plans will be suspended, and you will be removed from housing.

Full Time

$ 3,369.50

Per Semester– Undergraduate (12–19 hours) | $3,369.50*
– Graduate (9–13 hours) | $3,369.50*

Part Time

$ 281.00 to 431.40

Per Credit Hour– Undergraduate | $281.00*
– Graduate | $374.50*
– iMBA | $438.50*

*Special course fees may apply in addition to the rate referenced above. A listing of all special course related fees can be found at

Full Time Student $60, Part Time Undergraduate $5.00 Per Hour, and Part Time Graduate $6.67 Per Hour.



6 – Pre-registration period begins


1 – Entering transfer student scholarship deadline (spring semester)
9 – Residence halls close at 5 pm
15 – WARNING Spring preferred deadline in Financial Aid
20 – Preferred admissions deadline


4 – Payment for early registration due at 5 pm. Payment must be received or you will be purged from classes. You will no longer be enrolled in your classes.
 – Spring residence halls open at 1 pm. Dining halls open at 4 pm
8 – Classes begin. 100% tuition refund for withdrawal period begins. Begin issuing refund checks.
9 – Late registration begins ($25 late fee applied to registration on or after this date)
15 – Room visitation for residence halls begins at 3 pm
17 – Payment for late registration due at 5 pm. If payments has not been resolved, courses will be removed from Canvas, meal plans will be suspended, and you will be removed from housing. Registration closes (students may still drop courses on DSU Online Services) 
23 – 100% tuition refund for withdrawal period ends. Grades go into effect (W or F) when dropping courses. Students must use drop form on or after this date.
24 – No shows reported by faculty. No-show courses will be dropped from students schedule and $50 fee will be charged for each.


6- Midterm grades reported by faculty 12 pm.
9 – Spring break. Residence halls close at 5 pm.
18 – Residence halls open at 1 pm
31 – State scholarship deadline for fall semester.


2 – Pre-registration Begins
6 – Deadline to apply for May 2018 Graduation
27 – Last day to withdraw from a course


5 – Residence halls close at 5 pm
7 – Final grades posted by 12 pm
27 – Summer Residence halls ope at 2 pm. Dining halls open at 4 pm


Registration Assurance
Payment in full or successful enrollment in the University’s deferred payment plan is REQUIRED to reserve your class selections. It is your responsibility to ensure financial aid or third party payments that are expected to cover all charges and fees are properly noted and paid to your student account before payment due dates for the term. Failure to pay all outstanding tuition and fees by payment due dates will result in your classes being cancelled.
Aid Funds Paid to Student Accounts
Grants, scholarships and loans will pay to student accounts beginning three days prior to the start of the semester. All financial aid requirements must be completed before funds will pay.
Direct Deposit/Refund Checks
If the amount of the financial aid paid to your student account exceeds your total charges, a refund will be issued through direct deposit or a refund check. Refund checks will be produced and mailed starting August 16, 2017. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit to expedite the delivery of their refund. Account balance and refund information can be viewed through myDSU Online Services. Questions about refunds should be referred to Student Business Services.
Application Process
You must complete the 2017–2018 FAFSA at Mississippi students should also apply for state financial aid at Notifications regarding documentation needed in the Financial Aid office will be sent as soon as a FAFSA form is received. Forms can be found online at Return all completed forms to the Financial Aid office in Kent Wyatt Hall, Room 144 by July 14 to not be included in the August 15 class cancellation (purge).
Application Process
Complete the application at, and pay a deposit of $50.
Refund of Living Expenses
A resident student withdrawing from the residence hall will receive a refund of room and board charges as follows:
• 1st day of class through 10th day: 75%
• 11th day of class through 20th day: 50%
• 21st day of class through 25th day: 25%
• 26th day of class: 0%


All official university communication will be sent to your OkraMail email account. Please check it often for updates and announcements.