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The Administrative Staff Council shall serve as a liaison between the administration and the staff of Delta State University to provide a formal process for staff to discuss issues involving University policies and procedures and to forward ideas, recommendations, and opinions to the President.

Staff Council shall be dedicated to excellence in service and the continued growth and development of Delta State University.

Professional growth through service to our campus, community, and colleagues. Throughout the year, we will strive to impact the campus in every endeavor to push ourselves and DSU forward. Let’s make it a great year!

Staff Council is composed of designated delegates and at-large members to represent all areas/departments on campus. An executive committee leads the group’s function and monthly meetings. Four standing committees carry out the programs and projects set in place by the organization. The council is governed by a set of bylaws updated annually.

2014 Bylaws

Administrative Staff Council Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be the Delta State University Administrative Staff Council, herein after referred to as Staff Council.

ARTICLE II – Purpose

SECTION I. Staff Council shall serve as a liaison between the administration and the staff of Delta State University to provide a formal process for staff to discuss issues involving University policies and procedures and to present ideas, recommendation, and opinions to the President.

SECTION II. Staff Council shall institute programs to provide individual and university-wide staff development, to promote increased communication among departments and employees, to enhance job satisfaction       and motivation, and to recognize outstanding achievement and work performance by members of Delta    State  University.

SECTION Ill. Staff Council shall be dedicated to excellence in service and the continued growth and development

ARTICLE III –  Membership

SECTION I. General:

The membership of Staff Council shall include designated delegates, at-large members and non-voting members.

A.    Designated Delegates: shall be either the director of a department or a staff member of the department who is appointed by the Director to serve one-year term. Designated delegates may be re-appointed. One delegate shall represent each of the following departments.
Alumni Affairs
Human Resources
Archives and Museum
Institutional Grants
Institutional Research
Bologna Performing Arts Center
Internal Auditor
Career Services
Laundry Services
Center for Community and Economic Development
Library Services
Child Development Center
Police Department
Communications and Marketing
Postal Services and Copy Center
Counseling and Student Health Services
Procurement Services
Delta Center for Culture and Learning
Registrar’s Office
Enrollment Services/Admissions
Student Business Services
Facilities Management
Student Financial Assistance
Flight Operations
Student Life
Student Success Center
Graduate and Continuing Studies
University Accounting
Housing and Residence Life

Should a Designated Delegate not be able to attend a Staff Council meeting, the delegate shall send a representative from the respective area to attend and vote on the delegate’s behalf. Should a Designated Delegate leave employment and/or change departments, a new delegate shall be appointed to serve the remaining term.

B.    At-Large Members: shall be elected in July from the following areas and serve a two-year term beginning in August . At-Large members may be re-elected.

•    Three (3) At-Large Members – Professional Non-Faculty

•    Three (3) At-Large Members – Secretarial/Clerical

•    One (1) At-Large Member – Skilled Craft

•    One (1) At-Large Member – Technical/Paraprofessional

•    Four (4) At-Large Members – Service/Maintenance

•    One (1) At-Large Member – Grant Funded

The At-Large Members shall be selected to provide equitable representation for all areas of the University. Should an At-Large Member be elected to the Executive Committee, that member shall automatically serve as the representative of his/her area until the Executive term expires.

Should an At-Large Member elect not to serve on Staff Council or if an At-Large Member should leave employment at Delta State University, Staff Council shall elect a replacement to represent the affected area.

C.    Non-Voting Members: shall consist of the following representatives:

•    Aramark

•    Faculty Senate

•    Barnes & Noble

•    Ellucian

Non-voting members shall not be counted in the determination of a quorum. One delegate shall represent each of the entities listed above.

SECTION II. Responsibility of Membership:

By accepting membership on Staff Council, each delegate/member will adhere to the Constitution and By- laws of Staff Council.

Delegates/members may be removed upon cause and upon a two-third-majority vote of the overall membership present and voting, provided a quorum is present.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

SECTION I. General:

There shall be six officers of Staff Council: Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Ombudsperson, and Public/University Relations Coordinator. The Chair-Elect and Executive Secretary/Treasurer shall be nominated in June and elected in July upon a majority vote of a quorum of the overall membership. Designated delegates and at-large members are eligible for nominations. Terms of office will begin in August. The Ombudsperson and the Public/University Relations Coordinator shall be appointed by the Chair and take office in August.

SECTION I I. Duties of the Chair:

The Chair of Staff Council shall be the executive head of the organization and shall be endowed with such discretionary powers as are required to direct the affairs of Staff Council in an orderly and business-like manner, included but not limited to the following:

A.    Preside at all Staff Council meetings;
B.    Appoint all special committees and their Chairs;
C.    Issue call for all special meetings of the Staff Council, stating the business to be considered;
D.    Serve as the official spokesperson for Staff Council and as the official representative of the Staff Council in all of its business;
E.    Rule on all questions involving interpretation of the Constitution and By-laws and the general procedures of operation on Staff Council;
F.    Serve as non-voting ex-officio member of standing committees and ad hoc committees;
G.    Sign requisitions for the disbursement of Staff Council funds; must have Executive Secretary/Treasurer’s Signature before signing (in absence of ES/T must have Past Chair’s signature)
H.    Serve as the staff council representative on the BPAC Advisory committee
I.    Following their term as Chair, the Chair shall serve as Past Chair;
J.    Serve as the official representative of Staff Council on the President’s Cabinet.

SECTION III. Duties of the Chair-Elect:

A.    Act in an advisory capacity to the Chair;
B.    In the absence of the Chair, perform the duties of the Chair;
C.    Following the term as Chair-Elect, the Chair-Elect shall serve as Chair;
D.    Serve as the liaison to the University Faculty Senate.
E.    Coordinate programs for each monthly Staff Council meeting

SECTION IV. Duties of the Past Chair:

A.    Act in an advisory capacity to the Chair;
B.    Perform other duties as appointed by the Chair and/or Executive Committee.
C.    Sign requisitions in absence of either the Executive Secretary/Treasurer or the Chair

SECTION V. Duties of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer:

A.    Oversee the official record keeping of Staff Council, including membership records and official minutes of Staff Council meetings;
B.    Notify the membership of meetings, and perform the functions assigned the position of the Chair.
C.    Sign requisitions for the disbursement of Staff Council Funds and provides a monthly detail of balances of

such funds at each meeting; All requisitions must have both the ES/T and Chair’s signature (in absence of Chair, must have Past Chair’s signature)

SC On Campus Accounts

Project Committee

Staff Development

Fund 10 Account

New Designated Staff Council

SC Foundation Accounts

STAFF- Staff Appreciation Fund

STDEV- Staff Development Fund

STPRO – Staff Council Project Fund

D.    Serve as historian, file a copy of the minutes with the University Archivist, and submit an approved copy of the monthly minutes to the Office of the President.

SECTION VI. Duties of the Ombudsperson:

A.    Be an advocate for fairness and serve as an avenue of communication between an employee and Staff Council
B.    Refer to Staff Council for discussion or resolution either written or oral concerns while maintaining the employees’ right to confidentiality;
C.    Respond to the employee on the Staff Council’s recommendation.

SECTION VII. Duties of the Public/University Relations Coordinator:

A.    Be responsible for all public/University relations activities and reports
B.    Produce and distribute the monthly staff council newsletter
C.    Update the staff council website, as needed.
D.    Be responsible for promoting all activities provided to the campus community through Staff Council.

SECTION VIII. Term of Office:

The term of office for each officer shall be for one year, except the Chair-Elect who shall serve one year as Chair-Elect followed by one year as Chair, then serve one year as Past Chair.

ARTICLE V – Meetings

SECTION I . Regular Meetings:
Staff Council shall meet monthly at a time and place to be designated by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee.

SECTION II. Called Meetings:

Called meetings shall be held at the request of the Chair or upon the petition of one-half of the membership

SECTION III. Open Meetings:

All meetings shall be open, but the Chair or the membership, upon a majority vote, may choose to enter into executive session, close the meeting, or to specifically exclude individual parties or groups.


SECTION I . Voting Representatives:

Each Designated Delegate and each AT-Large Member shall be entitled to one (1) vote on each question. Delegates/Members must be physically present at the time the question is called to order to vote.

A simple majority of the voting delegates/members shall constitute a quorum. A quorum must be present at Regular and Called meetings in order for official business to be conducted; otherwise, any voting member may declare a quorum so as not to interrupt the meeting business.

ARTICLE VII – Attendance

Any delegate/member who is unable to attend a Regular or Called meeting shall send a representative from the respective area.

ARTICLE VIII – Committees

SECTION I . Standing Committees:

The Standing Committees of Staff Council shall be: Executive; Incentive and Recognition; Projects; Salaries and Benefits; Staff Development.

A.    Executive: Maintains and oversees the operations of the Administrative Staff Council. Provides guidance, proposes agendas, and maintains a professional stance on providing timely responses to issues of concern for all staff members.
B.    Incentive and Recognition: Oversees and provides incentives and recognition to deserving staff members. Included, but not limited to, Employee of the Month Award, Smile on You Award, Years of Service Award.
C.    Projects: Oversees and organizes stewardship projects hosted by the Administrative Staff Council. Included, but not limited to, Thanksgiving Feed a Family, Christmas Adopt a Child, Staff Development Picnic.
D.    Salaries and Benefits: Oversees and organizes methods to provide alternative non-monetary benefits to staff and research potential opportunities for salary growth for all employees.
E.    Staff Development: Oversees and organizes professional development opportunities for all staff. Included, but not limited to, various workshops and staff development day.

SECTION II . Ad Hoc Committees:

The Chair of Staff Council shall appoint and dissolve such Ad Hoc committees as deemed appropriate or necessary

SECTION III. Committee Membership:

Each Standing Committee (with the exception of Executive) shall be composed of a minimum of six delegates/members to be appointed for a term of one year by the Executive Committee, with advice from the membership. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of Staff Council. Each member of Staff Council, including the officers, shall serve on a minimum of one Standing Committee and a maximum of two. The Executive Committee shall also select the chair of each committee.

ARTICLE IX – Execution of Documents and Deposit of Funds

SECTION I . Execution of Documents:

All official documents of Staff Council shall be signed by the Chair and the Executive Secretary/Treasurer. All expenditures of Staff Council funds exceeding $50.00 must be approved by the Chair and Executive Secretary/Treasurer prior to spending (in absence of ES/t or Chair, must have Past Chair’s signature).

SECTION II . Deposit of Funds:

The officers of Staff Council shall select depositories for any funds of Staff Council in accordance with the instructions of the membership.


Staff Council, upon action of the Chair, may solicit voluntary payment of dues or funds from individual members or donations for special needs projects. However, membership shall not be conditioned upon payment of dues.

ARTICLE XI – Amendments

Adoption of amendments requires a two-thirds vote of quorum of the membership. Amendments must be submitted to the general membership at least seven (7) days prior to the vote.

ARTICLE XII – Discrimination Policy

Staff Council is committed to a policy of equal employment and educational opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental handicap, status as to disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran, or age as specified by applicable laws and regulations.

Amended: October 2, 2013

Maintained by: Staff Council Executive Committee

14-15 Membership

Designated Delegates
Student Success Center Riddle, Christy
Alumni Affairs Thomas, Jordan
Archives and Museum Jones, Emily
Athletics George, Dana
Bologna Performing Arts Center McDowell, Loyd
Career Services Miller, Davlon
Center for Community and Economic Development Dorsey, Marquita
Child Development Center Farris, Stephanie
Communications and Marketing Caitlyn Thompson
Counseling and Student Health Services Houston, Richard
Delta Center for Culture and Learning Miller, Heather
Enrollment Services/Admissions Gaines, Chris
Facilities Management Hochradel, Ted
Flight Operations Chip Cooper
Foundation Deborah Cox
Graduate & Continuing Studies Read, Marilyn
Housing & ResidenceLife Julie Jackson
Human Resources Lisa Giger
Institutional Grants Boyles, Robin
Institutional Research and Planning Chandler, Justin
Internal Auditor Williams, Vicki
Laundry Services Robinson, Neely
Library Services Slagell, Jeff
Police Department Buford, Lynn
Postal Services and Copy Center Lavastida, Shirldonn
Procurement Owens, Laura
Registrar’s Office Rhonda Mitchell
Student Business Services Houston, Teresa
Student Financial Assistance Rocconi, Christie
Student Life Ervin, Elsie Lynn
University Accounting Rutledge, Jamie
At-Large Members
The Delta Center Aylward, Lee
Athletics Communications Jones, Matt
Academic Affairs Burchfield, Patsy
President’s Office Emerson, Leigh
IRP Loper, Rhonda
Athletics Pongetti, Kim
Dean of Arts & Sciences Murrell, Hayley
HPER Roberson, Becky
Facilities Management Clemons, Craig
Facilities Management Barnett, Cecil
Facilities Management Loper, Everett
Facilities Management Jackson, John Lee
Facilities Management Smith, Don
DMI Jackson, Vickie
Aramark Grant, Robert
Faculty Senate Washington, Sam
Barnes and Noble Gladden, Tina
Ellucian Craft, Edwin

14-15 Executive Council

Marilyn Read–Chair

Christie Rocconi–Chair Elect

Robin Boyles–Immediate Past Chair

Vicki Williams–Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Caitlyn Thompson–Public/University Relations Coordinator

Julie Jackson–Ombudsperson

Minutes and Newsletters










Standing committees carry out projects and programs like “Smile On You,” “Take A Break,” “Employee of the Month,” volunteer and service projects, and staff fellowship.

Incentives and Recognition – Emily Jones (Chair)
Oversees and provides incentives and recognition to deserving staff members. Included but not limited to, Employee of the Month Award, Smile on You Award, Years of Service Award.

Projects – Rhonda Loper and Whitney Delaney (Co-Chairs)
Oversees and organizes stewardship projects hosted by the Administrative Staff Council. Included but not limited to, Thanksgiving Feed a Family, Christmas Adopt a Child, Staff Development Day Picnic.

Salaries and Benefits
Oversees and organizes methods to provide alternative non-monetary benefits to staff and research potential opportunities for salary growth for all employees.

Staff Development – Jordan Thomas (Chair)
Oversees and organizes professional development opportunities for all staff. Included but not limited to, various workshops and staff development day.


Staff Council Textbook Loan Program

Textbook Loan Application


  • To aid staff members in reaching their educational goals by off-setting the expense of textbooks
  • To provide staff members the opportunity to participate in an education degree program
  • To enhance personal and professional development
  • To enable staff to function at their highest level of competence
  • To provide funding for staff development

Description of Program: 

  • Up to five (5) one-hundred dollar ($100) awards will be made available to qualified staff members during the fall and spring semesters for purchase of textbooks at the Delta State University Bookstore.
  • Qualified staff members must meet the criteria listed below.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be regular, full-time staff employees (50% time or greater and whose position is expected to be active for more than four and one-half months).
  • Eligibility begins on the first day of the applicant’s regular employment.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a for-credit course offered by Delta State University. This program excludes non-credit correspondence courses, short courses, workshops or institutes.
  • While all staff members are encouraged to apply, priority will be given to individuals who have not previously received the award and whose annual salary is $35,000 or less.  From this group, the loans will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Failure to complete a course with a passing grade will result in ineligibility to apply for the program the following term.


  • Applications may be obtained from Staff Council’s Salaries and Benefits Committee Chair, Jordan Thomas (Hugh Ellis Walker Alumni-Foundation House).
  • Application availability and deadlines will follow this schedule:
    Application Due: August 21
    Scholarship Award: August 22
  • Completed applications must be mailed, faxed or emailed to the Staff Council’s Salaries and Benefits Committee Chair no later than 5:00 pm on the due date.

Applicant information will be verified, and the loan will be awarded based on the above criteria.

Employee of the Month distinction is given to a staff member who has provided service at Delta State that is considered over and beyond those duties outlined in his or her job description. Nominations are submitted by colleagues on campus.

Each winner receives a plaque, monetary award, WalMart gift card from the Student Government Association, an engraved insulated coffee mug, a free parking decal courtesy of the Campus Police Department, a box of treats from The Sweetery, a parking spot of their choice, marquee announcement and website recognition.

Staff Council Employee of the Month

April 2016

Elizabeth Joel

Elizabeth Joel

he Delta State University Staff Council recently honored Elizabeth Joel, coordinator of Continuing Education, as the April 2016 Employee of the Month.

Joel, a native of Doddsville, has been a staff member at Delta State for nearly six years.

I am honored to receive Employee of the Month from my peers at Delta State,” said Joel. “I could not accomplish what I do without the support of the other staff members in Graduate and Continuing Studies, and those across campus who I work with on a daily basis.”

She is a 2005 Delta State graduate with a degree in fashion merchandising.

Joel currently resides in Cleveland with her husband, Jeff Joel, and their two children, Justin (12) and Anna James (3). 

Employee of the Month Archives

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