University Police

Traffic Violations and Tickets

When violation of any rule or regulation set forth herein has been clearly established by waiver, voluntary admission, and/or by an official hearing, the offender shall be subject to a special administrative fee and/or shall be subject to disciplinary action.

After notice of a violation, an appeal may be made within seven (7) working days from the date of the citation with the Office of Student Life. Visit Ticket Appeals web page or click the “Appeal a Citation Here” button below to complete an online appeal form, or visit Student Life for a paper form. Staff and employees should submit an appeal in writing to the University Police Department. If the offender so desires, he/she may request, and be entitled to, legal counsel. When appearing before the Student Court, the offender may be present and question witnesses.

The following reasons are NOT acceptable grounds for appealing a traffic ticket:

1. Ignorance of regulations
2. Inability to find a legal parking space
3. No space available
4. Inclement weather
5. Late for class
6. Improperly displayed permit
7. Failure to purchase a permit

In lieu of the above procedure, the violation ticket may be taken to the Bolivar County District II Justice Court.

After proper notification, any person who fails to surrender his/her registration permit (decal) or who operates or parks a motor vehicle on the Delta State Campus after the date which such privileges have been suspended shall have his/her vehicle towed off campus. This person shall be responsible for all costs incurred in towing and storing the vehicle. The University and its officials shall not be liable for any damage to the vehicle resulting from towing or storage thereof.

Any vehicle that is illegally parked, abandoned, found on the campus with no license plate, no inspection sticker, or parked so as to constitute a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, shall be removed under the same stipulation as stated in Section VI., E. Mississippi Code, 1972.

NOTE: Any vehicle that is broken down and has been parked on campus for over one month will be removed from campus at the owner’s expense unless otherwise approved by the department director.