University Police

Parking on Campus

The Board of Trustees, State Institutions of Higher Learning of Mississippi, approved the establishment of the following traffic rules and regulations for the control, direction, parking, and general regulations of traffic of all motor vehicles on the campus of Delta State University.

These regulations are an official part of General University Administrative Regulations. All students and employees (faculty, staff and other employees) by their enrollment or acceptance of employment, are subject to said administration regulations.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Decals

Students and employees who park their motor vehicles on the campus must register their vehicles with the Delta State Police Department and purchase a parking decal. The University will not be responsible for providing parking spaces for registered vehicles, nor can the University be held responsible for any damages to vehicles or occupants while vehicles are on campus.


1. Register Your Vehicle

Online motor vehicle registration is fast and easy. Vehicles must be registered before a parking permit (decal)n may be obtained. Please provide accurate information, including your driver’s license.

The following information is needed for vehicle registration:

  • Delta State “900”# ID (not your SSN)
  • Local address and email address
  • License plate number of vehicle being registered
  • Make, model, color and year of vehicle being registered

Request A Permit

2. Paying for Your Decal

Decal fees:

  • Full year: $40 (Fall, Spring and Summer)
  • Summer: $20 (Summer I and II)


UPD will charge your student account when you reserve a permit (decal) by registering your vehicle online. Once charged, you will be sent a permit (decal) to your on campus or local address. You must pay within 10 days of the charge posting.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have the option to pay for their decal with payroll deduction. Parking decal payment will be deducted from payroll in two payments of $20 beginning with the September pay period and ending with the October pay period. At the link above, under 1. Register Your Vehicle, login and select the option for payroll deduction. Provide the information you receive when you register your vehicle.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your parking permit will be mailed to the campus/mailing address you provide through the Register Your Vehicle process. Therefore, decals cannot be picked up in the Police Department at this time.

Faculty and Staff decals are for the use of Delta State University employees ONLY. They must not be used by a family member or significant other of the faculty/staff, unless you live in campus housing.

Payroll Deductions Are Only Available August 1 – September 11th

3. Pick Up Your Decal (Suspended for Fall 2020)

Once you have completed your vehicle registration, your permit (decal) will be processed and mailed. Please allow 7 days for receipt. All new vehicles must have a permit by September 8th. All previous year permits (AY 19-20) expire August 31, 2020.

Parking Policy

  • A registered decal for a vehicle shall be effective from the date of purchase through second term Summer school.
  • Decals must be permanently affixed to the outside of the lower left corner of the rear window, left rear bumper, or the fender of motorcycles.
  • The cost of vehicle registration/decal purchase will be as follows: $40.00 if purchased in the Fall term, $40.00 if purchased in the Spring term, and $20.00 if purchased in the 1st/2nd sessions of Summer terms.
  • Faculty and staff decals are for the use of Delta State employees ONLY. They may not be used by a family member or significant other of the faculty/staff. Tickets will be issued to violators in which the vehicle is registered.
  • Recipients will at all times be responsible for the decal issued to them. If a vehicle is sold or traded within the school year a new decal may be obtained for $3.00.
  • You may obtain up to two temporary parking permits per term for each vehicle you have registered. The temporary permits may be issued for a minimum of one day or a maximum of one week. Persons using vehicles other than their registered vehicle(s) must obtain a temporary campus permit which will be issued at no charge. Temporary permits may be picked up at the Delta State Police Department. Such permits should be acquired immediately after arriving on campus. The temporary permit should be affixed to the lower left side of the rear window.
  • Students changing parking statuses may exchange the needed type decal for $3.00. The decal on your vehicle should always reflect your current status as a student: failure to make the proper changes may result in parking tickets and/or charges through student court.
  • DEALER TAGS: Persons wanting to register vehicles displaying dealer tags will not be sold a Delta State decal. A free temporary parking permit may be obtained for a vehicle with a dealer tag when your currently registered vehicle is in the shop and the dealer has supplied you with a dealer vehicle. YOU MUST PRESENT A STATEMENT ON DEALERSHIP LETTERHEAD ADVISING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOANED SUCH VEHICLE WHILE YOUR VEHICLE IS BEING WORKED ON IN ORDER TO OBTAIN A TEMPORARY PERMIT. Without this letter, we will not issue a temporary permit. Temporaries will not be issued beyond ten days from the date of the letter.
  • RENTAL TAG: Persons wanting to register vehicles displaying rental tags will not be sold a Delta State decal. A free temporary parking permit may be obtained for a vehicle with a rental tag while your currently registered vehicle is in the shop for repair.
  • HANDICAP TAG: Students/Employees who need access to handicap parking areas on campus must have a state issued placard. Anyone with a handicap permit may also park in any legal parking space on the Delta State campus. Vehicles with a handicapped placard or license plate must be transporting the person for whom the placard is issued to use a handicapped parking space on campus.
  • Delta State reserves the right to regulate the use of motor vehicles on the campus or to forbid the use of motor vehicles by a student or employee who refuses to abide by the parking and traffic regulations. Vehicles which have accumulated three or more unpaid tickets are subject to being immobilized if the vehicle is not registered. Registration must be completed prior to the vehicle being released. Immobilized vehicles may be towed after (5) days if fines remain unpaid. An additional fine of $50 is levied at the time of immobilization. To operate a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege, not a right, subject to the regulations set forth by the Board of Trustees and administered by the University.
  • Vehicles with student or employee decals which are repeatedly ticketed for the same violation are subject to being immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense, regardless of whether the prior tickets are outstanding or have been paid in full.
  • Any violations cited against a permit number will be charged to the person to whom the permit was issued.

Zones and Restrictions

Motor vehicles are parked only in the areas designated as parking areas, in such a manner, at such a place, and for such time as may be indicated on appropriate signs or markers. Zoned areas are provided by number and color of decals as follows:

Zone 1 Blue Faculty and Staff
Zone 2 & 3 Green Housing
Zone 4 & 5 Gray Commuter & Family Housing
Zone 6 Light Green Activities and All Decal Parking

These zones are marked and should be used only as indicated above. Zone violators will be ticketed. Only one decal may be visible on vehicles.

Parking in the following zones is restricted to the respective decals during the following times.

Zone 1 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (M-F)
Zone 2 & 3 At all times
Zone 4 & 5 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (M-F)
Zone 6 Open to all decals

Parking Regulations

  • Do not park in the wrong zone.
  • Do not park in any area where curbing is painted or pavement striped to prohibit parking.
  • Do not block a drive or walkway, or impede the flow of pedestrian traffic.
  • Do not park outside of marked lanes.
  • Do not park on the grass.
  • Do no double park.
  • Do not park facing opposite of the flow of traffic.
  • Do not park any motorized vehicle in any parking area without permission of the Delta State Police Chief. Any vehicle or other device violating this section shall be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Do not park in a space marked “Reserved”, “Visitor”, “Handicapped”, or “Bailey Child Care”. These spaces are not to be used for dropping of or picking up passengers at any time.
  • Do not park in the post office dock area.
  • Do not back into any parking spaces.