Office of the President

University Leadership Council

The University Leadership Council is convened by the President and presided over by a Chair, chosen by representatives on the council, who will serve a two-year term. In the absence of the presiding chair, the President or President’s designee will preside. The University Leadership Council will meet with or without the President, and will draw from the President’s Office for administrative support. This body will meet at least monthly; however, additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair or at the request of the President. Matters of governance within the University Leadership Council will be determined by the University Leadership Council, be in harmony with university policies and practices, as well as IHL governance, and be adopted by a majority vote. Representation on the University Leadership Council is determined by the President.

The University Leadership Council provides review and endorsement of major documents that operate across organizational lines such as the strategic plan, statement of ethics, mission statement, vision statement, the university’s budget, assessment and accreditation data, and other major documents that might be considered of institutional-level significance. The University Leadership Council reviews all operations to identify areas to bring in new or increased revenues and reduce or eliminate expenditures. Under the “Policy on Policy Management,” policy proposals, revisions to policies, or policies under the review cycle are submitted to the University Leadership Council for consideration prior to submission to the President’s Cabinet for final approval.

All matters considered and/or acted upon by the University Leadership Council are not final until approved by the President’s Cabinet. The University Leadership Council does not take the place of Academic Council with regard to academic policies, curricular changes, degree programs, or the like, and the University Leadership Council does not provide an additional level of review for Academic Council.

Current members include:

Chair and Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Eddie Lovin

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Leslie Griffin (Interim)

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Mr. Larry Wakefield (Interim)

Vice President for Executive Affairs and Chief of Staff
Dr. Michelle Roberts

Vice President for University Advancement
Mr. David Gladden (Interim)

Athletic Director
Mr. Mike Kinnison

Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Information Officer
Dr. Edwin Craft

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Ellen Green

Faculty Senate President
Mr. Shaun Kelly

Administrative Staff Council Chair
Ms. Amber Hays

Dean of the College of Business and Aviation
Dr. Tomeka Harbin (Interim)

Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences
Dr. Merideth Van Namen (Interim)

Dean of the School of Nursing
Dr. Vicki Bingham

Director of Library Services
Ms. Fawn Ussery (Interim)

Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Christy Riddle

Chief Human Resources Officer
Ms. Lisa Giger

Vice President for Admissions
Ms. Ashley Tanksley (Interim)

Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning
Ms. Chrisa Mansell

Student Government Association representative
Ms. Hayden Kirkhart

University Leadership Council Minutes: