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Pre-Registration is April 3 – 6!

By March 24, 2023

Each semester, the Student Success Center paints the campus ORANGE to let students know it’s time to pre-register! Flyers are posted around campus, and many DSU students have begun contacting their advisors to set up appointments. We have several updates to help everyone get prepared:

  • If You Carrot All, Pre-Register!: Due to the ongoing national helium shortage, we are unable to deliver balloons. However, Student Success team members have already delivered an alternative treat and will be back after pre-registration to pick them back up.
  • Student Prep: Students can prepare by completing a Pre-Advising Worksheet, which walks them through the steps they need to take to address any holds on their accounts and tentatively select classes before meeting with their advisors.
  • Academic Maps: Encourage UG students to utilize the online academic maps. Each map is a guide outlining how to complete an undergraduate degree in eight semesters. Click here to view the maps. Maps for previous academic years are also available on the website.
  • Social Media: We promote pre-registration and other Student Success Center resources via our Instagram page, @dsu_student_success, and our Facebook group, Delta State Pre-Registration. Follow us on social media, and please feel free to share the attached Pre-Registration flyer on your own account(s).

Thanks in advance for helping spread the word about Pre-Registration. For any questions related to pre-registration, please contact me at or 662-846-4577.

ORANGE you ready for Pre-Registration?