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Delta State to begin distinguished speakers series

By August 22, 2013General

As Delta State continues down the path of national distinction, President William N. LaForge recently announced the establishment of the Delta State University Colloquia program, an ongoing series of top-flight lectures and addresses featuring prominent speakers. 

The lecturers will come from a wide variety of backgrounds and will visit campus throughout the year. The first event is scheduled for Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of Jobe Hall and features the renowned Mississippi trailblazer, Gov. William Winter.

“As a university, we need to make available to Delta State and the community marquee speakers from across the country and the world,” said LaForge. “Great universities have great programs, and this is another step in the right direction. This is one of the hallmark items of what we’re trying to do here.”

Winter and LaForge have had a professional bond and friendship since LaForge’s days as a Delta State student and SGA president.

“I am very thrilled to announce Gov. William Winter as the signature Colloquia speaker,” said LaForge. “He will be the first speaker and there will be a reception in his honor immediately following the event. The public is invited to what we think will be a wonderful kickoff to a collective series.”

The next Colloquia speakers will be in fast succession from Oct. 27–Nov. 1 during inauguration week. 

Each day of inauguration week, the university will celebrate a different constituent college or school. Monday will focus on the School of Nursing, Tuesday on the College of Education and Human Sciences, Wednesday on the College of Arts and Sciences and Thursday on the College of Business.

While these events will be back-to-back, the program will continue throughout the course of the year.

The lecturers will also be available to the faculty and students throughout the day they are scheduled to present.

“The individual speakers are all wonderful people who will donate their time to meet with students and faculty before they speak,” said LaForge. “We will take full advantage of their time on campus. The program also offers instant faculty development.”

LaForge stressed the entire campus would benefit from the platform, not just one target audience.

“This is a university-wide program that will bring a unique and diverse array of people — from judges, former government officials, lawyers and business people,” he said. “These are all folks our students can look up to. This is just part of what a university should be doing.”

While the lectures will take place on campus, LaForge said many groups throughout the community would also benefit from the diverse lineup. Different groups will be targeted with invitations and the public is also welcome to attend these free events.

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