Facilities Management

Facilities Management Trades

Michael Kemp supervises the Carpentry and Painting Department at Facilities Management.  The department handles carpentry, painting, wall hangings, and keys for the university.

Facilities Management Custodial Services are one of the essential services that contribute to the overall image of the campus. Today, the efficient care of a university campus requires increasing specialization in services and activities.

The student working environment needs to be well maintained which will assist in the recruiting efforts. Our goal is to provide a safe, pleasant, and functional environment for students, staff, and visitors.

We would like to also take this opportunity to ask each of you to provide feedback whether it is positive or negative. Hopefully, we can hear a lot of positive things about what we are trying to accomplish as well as the negative. At the same time we will try and take the negative and turn them into a positive for the next time.

Office hours are from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday –Friday. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to call  Facilities Management ext.4740.

The main objective of this department is to keep the facilities clean and presentable for the faculty and students while making their teaching/learning environment comfortable.

Another division of Custodial Services is Event Management. This part of our service consists of setting up for all campus functions as well as the moving of all office furniture. We have not been involved in this part very long but we have indeed taken this responsibility with great enthusiasm. Please feel free to call for your campus needs.

The Electrical Department is responsible for all electrical repairs and maintenance. Facilities Management electricians are also responsible for fire alarms, elevators, boilers at the laundry and cafeteria, well monitoring and controls, electrical set ups for special events, time clocks and building clocks, radio system maintenance and repairs, and many other projects. The electricians also coordinate with campus personnel and stage generators for planned power outages.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning

Supervisor Hunter Kovac, master meter operator
The Plumbing Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of plumbing, gas and sewer lines in all buildings and on campus grounds.

Event Management is a division of Custodial Services. This part of our service consists of setting up for all campus functions as well as the moving of all office furniture. We have not been involved in this part very long but we have indeed taken this responsibility with great enthusiasm.

Please feel free to give us a call to satisfy your campus needs.

Delta State University’s Grounds department  is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the campus trees, turf, and ornamental gardens.

The Delta State University Auto Mechanics Department is responsible for maintenance and repairs to all university fleet vehicles, rental vehicles, grounds equipment, and fuel usage and verification. The Mechanics shop is located at the Facilities Management Building at 1417 Maple Street, Cleveland, MS.38733

Don Smith, Certified Institutional Locksmith, maintains and operates the Delta State University Lock & Key Shop

The Lock & Key Shop installs and repairs locks, cuts keys and keeps up records as well as maintaining the master key system. Our goal is to provide access while maintaining your security.

Key Requests

1. All Key Request Forms must be signed by the Dean or Vice President and Building Manager and accompanied by a Work Order on SchoolDude to be valid. Invalid forms will be returned to the originating department.

2. Requests for lost or stolen keys must be made with a Key Request Form and accompanied by a Work Order. If the lost or stolen key was a master, please contact the Department of Facilities Management immediately. Your department may be responsible for funding the re-key of the affected area or facility.

3. Unwanted or obsolete keys, or keys from transferring or terminating employees must be returned to Facilities Management. This will end your department’s responsibility for them.

4. Duplicating or replacing keys through an outside agency, company, or private business other than Delta State is prohibited unless authorized by Facilities Management. Violations will be reported to the appropriate authorities. The duplication or possession of any unauthorized university key is considered a violation of university policy and subject to disciplinary action.

Key Request Form

This form is intended for printing purposes only. It cannot be submitted by email as an original signature for the Dean or Vice President and Building Manager is required. In accordance with the published Key Policy, a Work Order must be on-file for each department. This form will allow us to compare the signatures of authorized department representatives with those appearing on the Key Request Form as a means of security for our customers. Keys will be made only for the authorized individuals as designated by the building manager. An individual will only be issued one key per door. Click on the link below for a printable key request form.

Printable Key Request Form