University Police

Driving on Campus

General Traffic Regulations

Delta State University is located within the corporate limits of the City of Cleveland. Delta State Police officers are full-time police officers certified by the State of Mississippi through the Board of Law Enforcement Standards and Training. Each officer meets the professional criteria as established by the state’s Minimum Standards Board.

  • Any student or employee may take a citation to the Bolivar County District II Justice Court for appeal. Appeals handled through the Justice Court will be charged through Ms Code: 37-105-1.
  • Provisions effective July 1, 1972, require all vehicles operated on the University streets will be properly insured by a reputable insurance company and proof of insurance be kept in the vehicle as per MS Code: 63-15-4-2 (a).
  • In addition to the aforementioned rules and regulations, all ordinances of the City of Cleveland and/or the laws of the State of Mississippi are in effect on all Delta State University property.
  • The Rules and Regulations herein promulgated have been (and future changes and additions will be) published in three consecutive issues of the University newspaper.


  • The owner of a vehicle is responsible for the vehicle at all times.
  • Driving regulations are in effect at all times.
  • The campus speed limit is fifteen (15) miles per hour for all motor vehicles unless otherwise marked. However, safe driving is the principal regulation.
  • All operators of any motor vehicle must have in their possession a valid operator’s license and proof of insurance.
  • All operators of any motor vehicle must have a valid, up to date license plate (tag) on vehicle in plain view.
  • Operators of motor vehicles must have children restrained in a proper child safety restraint as per Mississippi Code #63-7-301.


  • Exceeding the speed limits.
  • Failure to heed traffic signs.
  • Failure to come to a complete stop and proceed with caution at a stop sign.
  • Operating a vehicle in a careless or irresponsible manner or while under the influence of intoxicating liquors, narcotic drugs, or any other mind altering agent.
  • Moving a vehicle from the scene of an accident until given permission by the investigating officer.
  • Avoiding any barricade unless otherwise directed by a member of the University Police Department.
  • Driving on the grass.
  • Operating a vehicle in such a manner as to make or cause to make any type of loud or offensive noise including continuous horn blowing, car radio, and/or unauthorized use of a public address system.
  • Failure to report immediately to the Delta State Police Department any accident or collision on the campus or streets of Delta State University.
  • Failure to obey the same traffic regulations while riding, operating, or parking any bicycle or non-motor vehicle.
  • Operating a motorcycle or motorbike on any Delta State University property without a standard crash helmet securely fastened upon the head of the driver. Each passenger of the vehicle must wear a helmet.
  • Operating a bicycle, motorcycle, or a motorbike when traveling at night without any operational headlight and tail-light. A bicycle may use a reflector instead of tail-light.

Alternative Transportation

Motorcycles, roller blades (skates), skateboards, etc.

Students and any member of the University community may register their bicycles for the sole purpose of having their number and description on record in case of theft.  Registration of bicycles is free of charge.

Once you have logged in and filled out the personal information in the link provided below, you may register your bicycle under the “Vehicle Info” section.

Register Your Bicycle


  • Any person who rides, operates, or parks a bicycle or any other non-motor vehicle, including boats and trailer, on the campus shall be subject to all the terms and provisions of these regulations, except for those provisions which by their nature can have no application.
  • No person shall ride a bicycle on any sidewalk, walkway, or any other area of the campus customarily used by pedestrians.
  • No person shall park a bicycle in a walkway, on a sidewalk, in a hallway, or in or near a doorway except where use is made of a parking rack furnished by the University.
  • No person shall ride, operate, or park at night on the campus or streets of Delta State University a bicycle not equipped with headlight and tail-light or reflector.
  • Every regulation herein applicable to anyone riding, operating, or parking a bicycle on the campus shall also apply to anyone riding, operating or parking a motorcycle or motor scooter.
  • No person who operates or drives a motorcycle, or other motor driven cycle having two or more wheels, shall carry any other person in or upon such vehicle on the campus unless such vehicle is equipped with (1) A dual seat designed for two persons, or a separate passenger seat with a double footrest, or (2) A side car attachment providing a separate seat space for a passenger to be seated entirely within the attachment.
  • No person shall roller blade (skate) on any sidewalk, walkway or any other area of the campus customarily used by pedestrians or inside any building on the campus. Any person wishing to roller blade (skate) on campus is to do so only on streets or parking lots and at their own risk. It is recommended that protective gear and reflective clothing be worn.
  • Operators of motor vehicles or bicycles may not park or stop so as to block or obstruct a handicap entrance on a sidewalk, street or into any building.
  • No person shall skateboard on any sidewalk, walkway or any other area of campus customarily used by pedestrians including patios, stairs, and handicapped ramps, or inside any building on the campus.
  • Any Delta State student wishing to skateboard on campus is to do so only on streets or parking lots and at their own risk.  It is recommended that protective gear and reflective clothing be worn.
  • Hoverboards (and similar vehicles/devices) are prohibited on campus, including campus buildings and campus grounds.  Hoverboards (and similar vehicles/devices) may not be stored or charged on campus.