Department of Music

Choir Auditions and Scholarships

The Delta Chorale

2020–2021 Auditions

The Delta Chorale is the premiere touring choir at Delta State University.  Students are auditioned every year to earn membership in this elite ensemble.

To sign up for a Chorale audition, please contact Dr. Thorn.

The audition will consist of the following elements:

  1. Sing a prepared piece with good diction, tone quality and accurate rhythms and pitches.
  2. Sight-reading (will be provided in the audition).
  3. Tonal memory. A series of pitches will be played for you; sing them back on [du].
  4. Interview for assessment of characteristics for membership which include:
  • Determination & work ethic
  • Self-motivation; willingness to practice & prepare outside of class
  • Desire for group membership
  • Integrity & authenticity

Auditions will take place in Dr. Thorn’s office, Bailey Hall 129, the first two days of class each fall semester.

Auditioning indicates that you are willing to purchase our concert attire, pay a minimal tour fee, and that you agree to participate in the following events:

  • All class meeting times: Mon/Wed 1:00-1:50 and Tue/Thu 12:30-1:30
  • All concerts and activities of the DSU Chorale

Please note that Chorale is an ALL-YEAR COMMITMENT (i.e., both fall and spring semesters). Exceptions will be made for students graduating in December, for those studying off-campus in the spring, and at the discretion of the conductor.

The Delta Chamber Singers

Delta Chamber Singers are a highly select auditioned performing vocal ensemble. This ensemble represents an extremely high level of independent musicianship, musicality and artistry. Once accepted into the Delta Chorale students will have the opportunity to audition for the Chamber Singers. The audition occurs as a group in Zeigel 107 the first week of each semester.

* All class meeting times: Mon/Wed 2:00-2:50

* All concerts and activities of the DSU Chamber Singers

Scholarship Auditions

Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated performance abilities and are available to music majors and non-music majors.  Auditions occur on specially designated days during the spring semester, or by appointment with the conductor.

For a complete listing of audition dates and requirements, click here.