Title IX

Title IX Trainings

Title IX Coordinator Training

Fall 2021

Bricker & Eckler Level 2 Title IX Decision Maker (Level 2 Training for Decision Makers & Coordinator)

Bricker & Eckler Level 2 Title IX Investigations (Level 2 Training for Investigators & Coordinator)

Bricker & Eckler Level 2 Title IX Training (Level 2 Training for Coordinator)

Summer 2021

Thompson Coburn Training Series (Level 1 training for all in Title IX Office)

Posting for Review – Higher Ed Virtual Certified Title IX Coordinator Slides

Advisor Training


Investigator Training


Posting for Review – Higher Ed. – Advisor Training

Webinars Attended:

Conducting an Effective Compliance Investigation

Chronicles of Higher Education, Sexual Misconduct Prevention Response: Where do Institutions Stand in 202, September 15, 2020

Title IX and Wine-ATXIA- July 10, 2020

Breakdown and Implementation of New Regs Institutional Compliance Solutions (ICS)-June 9, 2020

Title IX and Wine-ATIXA-May 22, 2020

Title IX and Wine-ATIXA- April 24, 2020