Summer Camps

Art Camps

Janice Wyatt Mississippi Summer Arts Institute – CORE Arts Camp

Age Group: 12-18
Date(s): Jun. 16-28, 2024
Price:  Non Residential: $1050 | Residential: $1400
Contact: Holly Senter | (662) 846-4844 |

CORE Arts is a two-week residential camp for youth ages 11-18 that offers courses in visual, digital, and performing arts. Campers choose five classes to attend per day over the two-week session, working toward final arts showcases, which are held on the last day of camp. With a faculty-student ratio of 10:1, the camp structure allows for thorough, individualized instruction for novice and advanced artists!

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Janice Wyatt Mississippi Summer Arts Institute – PLUS Camp

Age Group: 5-11
Date(s): Jul. 15-20, 2024
Price: $250
Contact: Holly Senter | (662) 846-4844 |

Join us for a one-week long, performance-oriented day camp where campers will learn a choreographed medley of songs. Campers in every age group will attend classes in Musical Song and Dance, plus Visual Arts and Crafts classes. MSAI is proud to nurture and promote the creativity of young artists in our region, and aims to provide a space for all emerging artists to explore their talents.

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Baseball Camp

Delta State Baseball Kid’s Camp

Age Group: Entering 1st-6th Grades Fall 2024
Date(s): Jun. 10-12, 2024
Price: Camper Registration Fee: $120 | Delta State Employee Discount: $100
Contact: Rodney Batts | (662) 846-4300 |

The camp’s purpose is to assist participants in improving their baseball skills and developing proper playing habits. The friendship and learning of sportsmanship and related athletic values are additional benefits. Emphasis is on teaching basic fundamentals and essential skills in all phases of the game.

Basketball Camps

Women’s Basketball Elementary Camp

Age Group: Girls entering 2nd-6th grade
Date(s): Jun. 10-13, 2024
Price: $75
Contact: Julie Church | (870) 740-2132 |

Women’s Basketball JR SR High School Individual Skills Camp

Age Group: Junior high and senior high girls
Date(s): Jun. 16-19, 2024
Price: $150 – $250
Contact: Julie Church | (870) 740-2132 |

Delta State Youth Basketball Camp

Age Group: Boys entering 2nd – 8th Grade
Date(s): Jul. 29 – Aug. 1, 2024
Price: $125
Contact: John Redman | (662) 846-4300 |

Cheer Camp

Summer Cheer Camp

Age Group: Junior High and High School teams
Date(s): Jun. 10-12
Price: $75 (per squad member)
Contact: Mary Evans | (662) 719-0914 |

Cheer teams will work together on stunts and game day readiness. DSU cheerleaders and coaches will assist student athletes in proper stunting techniques, game day excitement, and motion placement.

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Educational Camps

Lifeguard Certification Class

Age Group: 15+
Date(s): May 6-9, 2024
Price: $190 ($150 Registration Fee + $40 Certification Card)
Contact: Marilyn Read | (662) 846-4874 |

This course will be held on the DSU Campus with classroom and pool instruction. The instructor will be Ronnie Mayers. Participants must be age 15, be in sound health, must attend all four days, must pass the preliminary swim test on first night. This certification class will provide you with the ability to save lives and receive the needed qualifications to be a lifeguard.

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Kid’s College

Age Group: Grades K5-2 | Price: $150 (8AM – 12PM)
Age Group:
Grades 3-6 | Price: $250 (8AM – 5PM)
Jun. 10-13, 2024
Contact: Marilyn Read | (662) 846-4874 |

DSU Continuing Education will host Kid’s College on June 13-16 on the DSU Campus. Kid’s College participants will have the opportunity to choose their classes they attend daily after they complete registration. The registration deadline is May 13. If interested, please complete the online registration form.

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Astro Camp®

Age Group: Grades K5-6th
Date(s): Jul. 8-11, 2024
Price: $125 (includes all supplies, t-shirt, and snack)
Contact: Marilyn Read | (662) 846-4874 |

Participants will enjoy a daily planetarium show in our Wiley Planetarium led by Dr. Maria Weber, multiple stem activities and builds in the areas of Heliophysics, Earth Science, Astrophysics, Planetary Science, Space telescopes and MORE! The goal of Astro Camp is to give ALL students the chance to get involved in and experience science, technology, engineering and math to inspire future astronauts engineers to learn about space with NASA unique activities.

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Football Camps

Delta State Football Prospect Camp
(Morning Session)

Age Group: Grades 9-12, JUCO Transfers and 4 Year Transfers
Date(s): Jun. 6, 2024
Price: $30
Contact: Coach Bell | (662) 846-4300 |

Delta State Football Prospect Camp
(Afternoon Session)

Age Group: Grades 9-12, JUCO Transfers and 4 Year Transfers
Date(s): Jun. 6, 2024
Price: $30
Contact: Coach Bell | (662) 846-4300 |

Delta State Youth Football Camp

Age Group: Grades K-5th
Date(s): Jun. 10-11, 2024
Price: $75
Contact: Coach Bell | (662) 846-4300 |

Delta State Football Middle School Skills Camp

Age Group: Grades 6-8
Date(s): Jun. 12, 2024
Price: $30
Contact: Coach Bell | (662) 846-4300 |

Delta State Football Prospect Camp

Age Group: Grades 9-12, JUCO Transfers, 4 Year Transfers
Date(s): Jun. 13, 2024
Price: $30
Contact: Coach Bell | (662) 846-4300 |

Music Camps

Delta Flute Camp

Age Group: 7th -12th grade
Date(s): May 28-31, 2024
Price: $75
Contact: Dr. Shelley Collins | (662) 846-4617 |

A day camp with fun & creative activities for flute students in grades 7-12. Flute choir, group lessons, performances, a final concert, and more! Instructors: Dr. Shelley Collins, Professor of Flute (DSU) and Mrs. Dawn Carlisle, Director of Bands (Washington School)

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GRAMMY Museum® Summer Session – Fast Track

Age Group: 9-13
Date(s): Jun. 24-28, 2024
Price: $25 deposit
Contact: Ke’Angela Riley | (662) 441-0100 |

GRAMMY Museum® Summer Session FastTrack is a week-long, day camp that offers young musicians’, ages 9-13, insight into the creative and technological processes of recording and performing.

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DMI Summer Camp

Age Group: 15-18
Date(s): July 7-12, 2024
Price: $600 Complete DMI Summer Camp | $100 Application Fee (applies towards tuition)
Contact: Julie Payne | (662) 846-4579 |

Each year the DMI Entertainment Industry program hosts a summer camp  on the Delta State campus. The DMI Summer Camp is a five-day interactive experience for high school students ages 15-18 exploring three entertainment industry career tracks, culminating in a recording and showcase performance.

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Recreational Camp

2024 OKRA Summer Recreation Day Camp

Age Group: 6-8 | Date(s): May 27-31, 2024
Age Group: 9-11 | Date(s): Jun. 3-7, 2024
Price: $150
Contact: Todd Davis | (662) 846-4555 |

O.K.R.A. is a summer day camp providing youth with an opportunity to participate in structured indoor and outdoor recreation activities. The camp provides age and developmentally appropriate, engaging instruction promoting and fostering active participation. Activities include: kayaking, canoeing, fishing, disc golf, swimming, floor hockey, interactive and team-building games, non-competitive team sports, and numerous other recreational activities.

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Soccer Camp

Delta State University Spring ID Camp

Age Group: Grades 8-12
Date: Aug. 3, 2024
Price: $95
Contact: Chloe Kane | (662) 846-4300 |

Softball Camps

DSU Elite Summer Softball Camp

Age Group: 9th grade to JUCO
Date(s): Aug. 10, 2024
Price: $100
Contact: Whitney Haynes | (662) 846-4300 |

Junior Lady Statesmen Softball Camp

Age Group: Grades 3-8
Date(s): Aug. 11, 2024
Price: $40
Contact: Whitney Haynes | (662) 846-4300 |

Tennis Camp

Youth Tennis Camp

Age Group: Youth entering grades K-6th
Date: Jun. 17-18, 2024
Price: $60
Contact: Will Irvin | (662) 846-4300 |