O.K.R.A. Kids Camp

Thank you for having an interest in Delta State University’s 2024 OKRA Summer Day Camp for youth. Below you will find basic information that will help you prepare your child for camp. Camp is limited per week of 150 participates. In order for your child to participate in this camp, you MUST register at the appropriate link below:

May 27-31, 2024
(6-8 year old)
June 3-7, 2024
(9-11 year old)

6-8 Year olds9-11 Year olds

Note: As a reminder, there are NO refunds. Be sure the dates, times, and ages are correctly selected. Once at capacity, there is an option to be on the waiting list. Be sure all your information is correct. We are just as excited as you!

Children should bring water bottle, snacks, and a healthy lunch. A Lenny’s lunch option is available for purchase during online pre-registration only for $45.00.

  • Healthy lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Healthy snacks
  • Close-toed athletic shoes
  • Swim suit & towel (for canoe, kayak, and SUP days)

Children will need to wear an athletic shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes. There will be activities which will require running and kicking; NO sandals, flip-flops and similar shoe are permitted. Unfortunately, your child will not be allowed to participate if they do not have appropriate shoes on them. Since most of the camp will be conducted outdoors, children should also arrive with sunscreen on.

Daily sportsmanship awards are given to those campers who show superior ethics and morals for the aspect of that day. For example, best teammate, best hustler, or most caring are daily examples. Award selection is at the discretion of the group leader, and although all campers are eligible for an award, not all campers will exhibit the behaviors at the level that an award should or will be given. Please explain to your children that awards are given to those exhibiting superior behavior. A list of daily awards will be posted on the OKRA Camp Facebook page and outdoor recreation twitter page.

1000s of complimentary photos are posted daily based on availability.  Parents are welcome to come to camp at any point to take photos or videos.  We have one photographer, and not all kids will be photographed at all activities, and in rare cases, your child might not be photographed.  Every effort is taken to ensure your child’s photo is taken at some point at camp.

The photo key is: W1D1A = Week 1, Day 1, A/M  = (M) = morning / (A) = afternoon.