Robert E. Smith School of Nursing

Nursing Careers

Nursing…a profession that offers more career choices than ever before. There is a nursing career option in almost every type of work environment: hospital, clinic, academic, industrial, administrative, laboratory, government, military, aviation, computer, sports, etc. Here are just a few of those choices:

Academic Nurse
Cardiology Nurse
Critical Care Nurse
Emergency Room Nurse
Family Nurse Practitioner
Flight Trauma Nurse
Forensic Nurse
Home Care Nurse
Industry Nurse
Infection Control Nurse
Medical-Surgical Nurse

Nurse Anesthetist
Nurse Executive
Pediatric Nurse
Perioperative Nurse
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse
Obstetric Nurse
Oncology Nurse
Research Nurse
School Nurse
Travel Nurse
Plus Many More!

Want to learn more? The links listed below will lead you to websites that we hope will broaden your perspective of what a nurse is, what a nurse does, and of the many opportunities available in the nursing field.   |   |   |   |