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Watch Promotional Videos for Second Annual Spring for Success Online Giving Day on March 19, 2020


Need another reason to consider giving to or spreading the word about Delta State University’s second annual Spring for Success online giving day on March 19, 2020? Then watch these promotional videos of each of the three projects that hope to raise $2,500 apiece for a good campus cause.

Who Says You Can’t Measure Love? Make Physiology Happen: Purchasing another iWorx data acquisition system that allows for a hands-on approach to teaching/learning physiology. Project champion, Severine Groh, associate professor of biology.

Delta State Electronic Music Ensemble: Purchasing MIDI controllers and related equipment to start a quartet. Project champion Dr. Josh Armstrong, associate professor of music.

OkraSuits—Career Closet: Purchasing additional clothing, seating, storage, and related needs for DSU’s professional clothes closet that’s supplied through donations and that’s offered to students and alumni for free for interviews, conferences, and the like. Project champions: Nakikke Wallace Johnson, director, and Myles Lofland, assistant director, Career Services.

The objective for each project on March 19: raise $2,500 apiece. Each project that meets the microgrant goal receives an additional $2,500 from the DSU Foundation. The project that raises the most money earns an additional $1,000—for a grand total of $6,000. Additional money raised beyond the $2,500 threshold goes to the General Scholarship Fund.

Follow the microgrants and give to them at